Boagworld 144: Scale

"On this week’s show Paul talks to Joe Stump from Digg about scalable websites, we review the best apps for web designers and investigate services for sending bulk emails."

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  1. boagworld 144

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  1. Boagworld #152

    "On this week’s show: Daniel Burka and Joe Stump from Digg discuss the supposed war between designers and developers. Paul talks about using twitter effectively and we ask ‘are you placing too much emphasis on your homepage?’"

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  2. Nerdist / Digg Dialogg: Chris Hardwick interviews Ozzy Osbourne

    Who would have thought interviewing Ozzy would make for a smart, entertaining discussion? I love hearing him break down The Beatles (at 19 minutes in).

    I originally watched this on Digg Dialogg, but it was reposted in extended MP3 form on Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast.

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  3. Venture Voice

    Jay Adelson of Digg — Digg, the news website that uses its own readers rather than editors to decide what stories are most important, has been growing with a fury. While founder Kevin Rose has gotten a lot of attention including a recent cover of BusinessWeek, CEO Jay Adelson has been guiding Digg toward business success. This isn’t Jay’s first time though the throes of entrepreneurship. He started Equinix, a company that now has a market capitalization of $1.5 billion. Despite its success, Jay didn’t make much money because he held his shares until after the dot com bust. In fact, he had just enough money to put his kids through college and live a more modest lifestyle himself. He was ready to go off and work at a coffee shop or become a teacher until Digg came along. Now he’s back in the game.

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