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  1. Memory Games : TED Radio Hour : NPR

    • can eyewitnesses create memories?
    • how do experiences become memories?
    • can anyone learn to be a master memorizer?

    —Huffduffed by jane 2 weeks ago

  2. Spoken And Unspoken : TED Radio Hour : NPR

    • is texting actually advancing language?
    • does language bring us together or pull as apart?
    • does the subjunctive have a dark side?
    • how does history change the meaning of words?
    • does body language shape who you are?

    —Huffduffed by jane 2 weeks ago

  3. Disruptive Leadership : TED Radio Hour : NPR

    • how do leaders deal with failure?
    • how do we cultivate women leaders?
    • can Grandmothers change the world?
    • have you changed someone’s life without realising it?
    • can ordinary people become leaders?

    —Huffduffed by jane 2 weeks ago

  4. Simply Happy : TED Radio Hour : NPR

    • Is there a secret to happiness?
    • Are we happier when we stay in the moment?
    • What happens when we slow down?
    • Does less stuff mean more happiness?
    • How does misfortune affect long-term happiness?
    • What does it take to be grateful?

    —Huffduffed by jane 2 weeks ago

  5. Episode 509: Will A Computer Decide Whether You Get Your Next Job? : Planet Money : NPR

    To hire new employees, some companies are paying less attention to resumes and more attention to data — and the data are leading to some surprising findings.

    On today’s show, we take a weird hiring test for a call-center job. And we hear what does (and doesn’t) predict success for everyone from call-center workers to software developers.

    —Huffduffed by jane 3 weeks ago

  6. Bruce Sterling’s closing remarks from SXSW Interactive: who isn’t in the room? - Boing Boing

    —Huffduffed by jane one month ago

  7. Old London Air Raid Shelter Becomes Vegetable Farm : The Salt : NPR

    In a former bomb shelter beneath London, Zero Carbon Food grows leafy greens and microgreens. Believe it or not, this dark, dank underground farm is an energy-efficient way to grow fresh produce.


    —Huffduffed by jane one month ago

  8. Pioneering Ideas Podcast: Episode 1 - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

    Listen to our Pioneering Ideas podcast for perspective on the types of innovations the Pioneer team funds, from investigations into placebo studies to behavioral economics to a platform that puts health outcomes in patients’ hands.


    —Huffduffed by jane one month ago

  9. Pioneering Ideas Podcast: Episode 3 - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

    Listen to episode 3 of our podcast to hear about the science of choosing, the radical power of empathy and using social entrepreneurship to address health challenges.


    —Huffduffed by jane one month ago

  10. Pioneering Ideas Podcast: Episode 2 - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

    Hear from social scientist BJ Fogg, RWJF’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence Thomas Goetz, a team with a vision for creating a social epidemic of safety, and other pioneers in health and health care.


    —Huffduffed by jane one month ago

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