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  1. Infinite Inputs — dConstruct Audio Archive

    In the beginning… there was the keyboard and the mouse. Today, the kinds of input our computing devices support keeps growing: touch, voice, device motion, and much more. Each additional input type offers new possibilities for interaction that requires our interface designs to adapt.


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  2. Mobile Accessibility - A Content Matters podcast by Four-i’s

    The BBC’s Henny Swan talks about producing content for mobile websites and apps. Listen to the podcast for free and subscribe to the feed.


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  3. The Back to Front Show 004

    The Back to Front Show is a weekly podcast focusing on back-end technology, front-end development and plenty in-between. Hosted by Keir Whitaker and Kieran Masterton new episodes go live every Saturday (all being well!).


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  4. Beyond Mobile: Making Sense of a Post-PC World — Scott Jenson

    Native applications are a remnant of the Jurassic period of computer history. We will look back on these past 10 years as the time we finally grew out of our desktop mindset and started down the path of writing apps for an infinite number of platforms. As the cost of computation and connectivity plummets, manufacturers are going to put ‘interactivity’ into every device. Some of this will be trivial: my power adaptor knows it’s charging history. Some of it will be control related: my television will be grand central for my smart home. But at it’s heart, we’ll be swimming in world where every device will have ‘an app’. What will it take for us to get here, what technologies will it take to make this happen?


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  5. All About Android 37

    Curious about the Galaxy Nexus.

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  6. Content Page Design Best Practices

    How content pages can be better optimized for the Web ecosystem.


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  7. The Critical Path #10

    5by5 - The Critical Path #10: The Means of Production


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  8. AccessTalk - Mobile, audio books & convenient OCR

    Robin talks about iOS5, the O2 mobile superstore, and a new speaking phone service from Vodaphone. Kiran discusses the full text service from Talking Newspapers, and he and Léonie share their experiences with the new Jaws 13 Convenient OCR feature.

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  9. The Critical Path #3: It’s Good to Be King

    The Critical Path #3: It’s Good to Be King - 5by5


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  10. Nexus is born

    From http://shotofjaq.org/, Jono Bacon and Stuart ‘Aq’ Langridge step back from the glossy press photos and discussions of the device itself and instead explore what knock on effect Google’s new offering could have on the cellular industry.

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