LidoBeach - So Helpless

on a softer note you may have heard of this up and coming band called LidoBeach, they have this track out now that you can definitely check out on their myspace ( but i have their album and i thought id share my favorite song from the album. the lyrics are great. and i hope you all enjoy it.

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  1. Monty Are I - One In A Million

    ok so apparently this song comes out on tuesday but its been stuck in my head for the past week in a half. but anyways their cd comes out in a month the tuesday after my super bangin birthday party! WAHOO anyways this is not techno electro pop at all more alternative rock anyways def buy their cd when it comes out and check out their first cd they have this song called castle bound that is pretty swank as well….

    —Huffduffed by j2daon 4 years ago

  2. Panic! At The Disco - New Perspective

    ah here we are again. adding another song to our collection. i know this isn’t completely up to ‘old’ panic! standards but hey they’re obviously working on changing their sound again and this is catchy enough to be a single. dance around learn the lyrics and just be really excited for more to come. i know i am!

    —Huffduffed by j2daon 4 years ago

  3. Ted Leo And Aimee Mann On Ego, Humor And The Uncanny Valley : NPR

    Alternative rock legends in their own right, the pair say their collaboration as The Both began with a shared obsession: a statue in Milwaukee that looks just a little too real.

    —Huffduffed by abrin one week ago