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  1. 129 Cars | This American Life

    We spend a month at a Jeep dealership on Long Island as they try to make their monthly sales goal: 129 cars. If they make it, they’ll get a huge bonus from the manufacturer, possibly as high as $85,000 — enough to put them in the black for the month. If they don’t make it, it’ll be the second month in a row.


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  2. Hollywood ‘Stuntman!’ Hal Needham Reveals Tricks Of Trade : NPR

    Hal Needham worked as a Hollywood stuntman for over 40 years. He details some of his most death-defying feats (and why he can’t stand modern special effects) in his new memoir, Stuntman!


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  3. Episode 74 of the Harmontown podcast

    Self destructive writer Dan Harmon (Community, Monster House, Heat Vision and Jack) claims he will one day found a colony of like-minded misfits. He’s appointed suit-clad gadabout Jeff Davis (Whose Line is it Anyway) as his Comptroller.


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  4. Tomato Can Blues

    Charlie Rowan was a small-time cage fighter in rural Michigan who couldn’t get a break. He owed money to impatient people. He needed to start over, but didn’t know how. Then, he came up with a plan.


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  5. Roderick on the Line - Merlin Mann

    Merlin Mann’s frank & candid weekly phone call with John Roderick of The Long Winters


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  6. When Gaiman met Pullman… | Waterstones Blog


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  7. BBC - Studio Picks

    Janice Forsyth’s pick of key events in Scottish cultural life. From theatre to T in the Park, ballet to Strictly…


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  8. Rick Moranis Nerdist

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  9. 5by5 | The Incomparable #154: Seahorse on Line One

    "Saga" by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples.


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  10. Interview with David Foster Wallace, 17 October 2003, side 2 (33:20)


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