In Praise of Idleness, by Bertrand Russell

In Praise of Idleness, read by norelpref

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  1. In Praise of Idleness, by Bertrand Russell

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  2. In Praise of Idleness, by Bertrand Russell

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  3. In Praise of Idleness, by Bertrand Russell

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  1. Debate on the Existence of God: Bertrand Russell v. Fr. Frederick Copleston

    BBC Radio Third Programme Recording January 28, 1948. BBC Recording number T7324W. This is an excerpt from the full broadcast from cassette tape A303/5 Open University Course, Problems of Philosophy Units 7-8. Older than 50 years, out of UK/BBC copyright.

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  2. In Our Time: Bertrand Russell 06 Dec 12

    Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the influential British philosopher Bertrand Russell. Born in 1872, Russell is widely regarded as one of the founders of Analytic philosophy, today the dominant philosophical tradition in the English-speaking world. His theory of descriptions had profound consequences for the discipline. Russell also played an active role in many social and political campaigns. He supported women’s suffrage, was imprisoned for his pacifism during World War I and was a founder of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Melvyn Bragg is joined by AC Grayling, Master of the New College of the Humanities and a Supernumerary Fellow of St Anne’s College, Oxford; Mike Beaney, Professor of Philosophy at the University of York and Hilary Greaves, Lecturer in Philosophy and Fellow of Somerville College, Oxford.

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  3. Touch and Sight Earth and the Heavens

    Ask a dozen people to name a genius and the odds are that ‘Einstein’ will spring to their lips. Ask them the meaning of ‘relativity’ and few of them will be able to tell you what it is. The basic principles of relativity have not changed since Bertrand Russell first published his lucid guide for the general reader. The ABC of Relativity is Bertrand Russell’s most brilliant work of scientific popularisation. With marvellous lucidity he steers the reader who has no knowledge of maths or physics through the subtleties of Einstein’s thinking. In easy, assimilable steps, he explains the theories of special and general relativity and describes their practical application to, amongst much else, discoveries about gravitation and the invention of the hydrogen bomb. From

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