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  1. The Golden Rule

    From the stage to the cage, a series of showdowns that leave us wondering about the price of being right …


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  2. Gin & Innovation : Gin & Innovation 004 — Dan Williams

    In which George goes to China, George and Justin undertake an informal (covert?) ethnography of cat-based surveillance, and Dan Williams drops by to talk about intermodal container shipping, satellites, and GPS. Intro and outro music courtesy, as ever, of Chris Arkenberg.

    Links and works referenced:

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    European Satellite Navigation Systems (EU)

    GPS (James Bridle)

    Where You Are (James Bridle)

    ‘NASA Signs Over Historic Apollo-Era Launch Pad to SpaceX’ (Space.com)


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  3. Little Atoms 319 - FutureEverything 2014 - James Bridle & Eleanor Saitta » Little Atoms Little Atoms

    Little Atoms 319 – FutureEverything 2014 – James Bridle & Eleanor Saitta Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

    James Bridle is a writer, artist, publisher and technologist usually based in London, UK. His work covers the intersection of literature, culture and the network. He has written for WIRED, ICON, Domus, Cabinet, the Atlantic and many other publications, and writes a regular column for the Observer newspaper on publishing and technology. In 2011, he coined the term “New Aesthetic”, and his ongoing research around this subject has been featured and discussed worldwide. His work, such as the Iraq War Historiography, an encyclopaedia of Wikipedia Changelogs, has been exhibited at galleries in the Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia, and has been commissioned by organisations such as Artangel, Mu Eindhoven, and the Corcoran Gallery, Washington DC.

    Eleanor Saitta is a hacker, designer, artist and writer. She makes a living and a vocation of understanding how complex systems operate and redesigning them to work, or at least fail, better. Her work is transdisciplinary, using everything from electronics, software, and paint to social rules and words as media with which to explore and shape our interactions with the world. Her focuses include the seamless integration of technology into the lived experience, the humanity of objects and the built environment, and systemic resilience and conviviality. Eleanor is Principal Security Engineer at the Open Internet Tools Project (OpenITP), directing the OpenITP Peer Review Board for open source software and working on adversary modeling. She is also Technical Director at the International Modern Media Institute (IMMI), a member of the advisory boards at Geeks Without Bounds (GWoB) and the Calyx Institute, and works on occasion as a Senior Security Associate with Stach & Liu. She is a founder of the Constitutional Analysis Support Team (CAST), previously co-founded the Seattle-based Public N3rd Area hacker space, and works on the Trike and Briar projects.

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  5. Gin & Innovation : Gin & Innovation 001 — Scott Smith

    In which critical futurist Scott Smith joins George and Justin to talk about radical fishmongery, electric two-wheelers, flatpack futures, India’s Mars mission, and the perfidy of "we." Intro and outro music courtesy of Chris Arkenberg.

    Links and works referenced:

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    Going Critical: anticipating and adjusting to the education meltdown (Medium)

    Bound, K. and I. Thornton (2012), ‘Our frugal future: Lessons from India’s innovation system’ (NESTA: London, UK)

    India’s upcoming mission to Mars is a chance to best Russia and China (QZ)

    India is quite capable of sending a rocket to Mars and fighting poverty at the same time (QZ)


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  6. Gin & Innovation : Gin & Innovation 002 — Deb Chachra

    In which Justin talks about improvised weapons and security theatre, George considers the future of agricultural robots, and George-from-the-recent-past talks to materials scientist Deb Chachra about fearful materials, grey goo, and gender in engineering education. Intro and outro music courtesy, as ever, of Chris Arkenberg.

    Links and works referenced:

    Terminal Cornucopia (Evan Booth)

    ‘I wrote the Anarchist Cookbook in 1969. Now I see its premise as flawed’ (The Guardian)

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    Lely’s Astronaut A4

    ‘My week as an Amazon insider’ (The Guardian)

    ‘Amazon’s Drone Dreams and the Future of Retail’ (The Atlantic)

    ‘Farm Forward’ (John Deere)

    ‘The End of Plastic’ (The New Inquiry)

    The Dread Exhibition

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  7. Gin & Innovation : Gin & Innovation 003 — Ella Saitta

    In which George talks about CERN’s champagne economy, Justin talks about a Mexican drug gang’s sophisticated radio infrastructure, field agent Scott Smith smuggles some audio out of the Large Hadron Collider, and Ella Saitta drops in to talk about Nordic larp, security, and socio-technical systems. Intro and outro music courtesy, as ever, of Chris Arkenberg.

    Links and works referenced:

    Lift Conference 2014


    Scott’s LHC photos (Flickr)

    Collider (The Science Museum)

    Roy, Arpita (2011), ‘Dualism and non-dualism: Elementary forms of physics at CERN’. PhD Thesis. University of California, Berkeley: USA.

    ‘Billionaires With Big Ideas are Privatizing American Science’ (New York Times)

    ‘A Star in a Bottle’ (The New Yorker)

    ‘The Open Source Satellite Initiative’ (Hojun Song, Lift12)

    ‘Radio Tecnico: How The Zetas Cartel Took Over Mexico With Walkie-Talkies’ (Popular Science)

    Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network

    ‘The Monopoly of Legitimate Use’ (Tobias Revell)

    Nordic Larp Wiki

    Bouchard, M. and C. B. Dion (2009). ‘Growers and Facilitators: Probing the Role of Entrepreneurs in the Development of the Cannabis Cultivation Industry’, Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Vol. 22 (1): 25-37.

    The Foundation Stone of Nordic Larp (Eleanor Saitta, Marie Holm-Andersen, Jon Back)

    ‘This Is a Game: A (Very) Brief History of Larp’ (Paul Graham Raven)

    ‘Just a Little Lovin”


    ‘The White War’

    ‘Elegy for a Country’s Seasons’ (Zadie Smith, NYRB)

    ‘Three Horizons’ (Bill Sharpe, Tony Hodgeson)

    ‘How Is Technology Changing TV Narrative?’ (PBS Ideas Channel)



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  8. Bruce Sterling Closing Remarks - SXSW Interactive 2014


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  9. This Week on DnA: Design In — and At — the Movies; with Simon Doonan, Geoff McFetridge, Alissa Walker, Kyle Bergman | Design & Architecture

    The Oscars are upon us but Simon Doonan says don’t expect any fashion surprises on the red carpet. Many Angeleno viewers of the movie Her were taken not just by the story but by… the subway map. Alissa Walker talks to its creator, Geoff McFetridge. The Architecture and Design Film Festival (ADFF) founder Kyle Bergman talks about the human stories behind the creation of objects and buildings,


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  10. Cover Story | 99% Invisible

    We are a founding member of Radiotopia from PRX– a collective of the best story-driven, creative, cutting-edge radio shows on earth. Shows like The Truth, Strangers, Theory of Everything, Love and Radio, Radio Diaries and Fugitive Waves from the Kitchen Sisters. Really, it’s the best group of programs that has ever existed, all in one place. Get to know your new favorite podcasts and subscribe to them all!

    Music: “Stride Instrumental”- Glue; ”Sunlight”- OK Ikumi; “Nightlife”- Amon Tobin; ”Bridge”- Amon Tobin; “Movement III: Linear Tableau With Intersecting Surprise”- Sufjan Stevens; “Stoplight”- Keegan DeWitt; ”Le Quart de Ton”- Chapelier Fou; “Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix)”- Hercules and Love Affair; “Sweet Spring Come”- Hauschka; “Tint 2- Rosy Apples”- ISAN; “A Caint Stop”- Large Pro; “Biding Time”- Keegan DeWitt; “Main Titles”- Keegan DeWitt.


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