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  1. RSA - How Cooking Can Change Your Life

    How Cooking Can Change Your Life 30th May 2013;

    Cooking involves us in a dense web of social and ecological relationships: with plants and animals, the soil, farmers, our history and culture, and, of course, the people our cooking nourishes and delights. Cooking, above all, connects us.

    And yet many people now spend a lot more time watching other people cook on TV than doing it themselves. And the outsourcing of this work to corporations has had disastrous effects on our health, our family life, and even on our agriculture.

    Renowned journalist, activist and author Michael Pollan presents a compelling case that cooking is one of the simplest and most important steps people can take to improve their family’s health and well-being, build communities, help fix our broken food system, and break our growing dependence on corporations. Approached in the proper spirit, Pollan suggests, cooking becomes a political act.

    Speaker: Michael Pollan is a food activist, and the author of Second Nature, A Place of My Own, The Botany of Desire, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, In Defence of Food and Food Rules.

    Chair: Tim Lang, professor of Food Policy at City University London.


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  2. Politics Weekly podcast: Barack Obama v Mitt Romney - US election preview | Politics | guardian.co.uk

    Jonathan Freedland, Hadley Freeman and Richard Adams join Tom Clark to discuss the final two weeks of campaigning in the US presidential election battle between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney


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  3. Confessions of a Former Republican

    Jeremiah Goulka, a political and cultural writer for American Prospect, Salon, and former DOJ attorney discusses his background as a moderate Republican and his later political shift.


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  4. D-Day. Antony Beevor | SlowTV | The Monthly

    SlowTV - D-Day. Antony Beevor - - Antony Beevor - Lindsay Tanner - Part 1 | Part 2  Internationally acclaimed historian Antony Beevor talks at the Melbourne Writers Festival about his vivid and engaging opus, D-Day: The Battle For Normandy, the latest of his books to top bestseller lists. The Normandy Landings that took place on D-Day involved by far the largest invasion fleet ever known.


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  5. RN Rear Vision - 26 October 2011 - Stirring the Pot: the Tea Party Movement in US politics

    The Tea Party Movement and its contradictions: the story of a street protest movement with elite origins, a maverick movement with loss on its mind, an outsider group with insider claims, a non-political organisation with clear party connections.

    Did the Tea Party Movement come into being in February 2009? Or perhaps in response to the civil rights movements of the 1960s, or in the 1840s, or maybe during the French Revolution … And what of its claims to a connection to the Revolutionary War?

    As the US moves towards its 2012 Presidential Elections, the Tea Party Movement remains an influential not-quite-third-party force. On Rear Vision today, we try to get a handle on its origins.

    Jenny Beth Martin, Cofounder and National Coordinator, Tea Party Patriots

    Clare Corbould, Historian. Larkins Fellow, School of Philosophical, Historical & International Studies, Monash University

    Corey Robin, Associate Professor of Politics, Brooklyn College, New York. Author of The Reactionary Mind.

    Geoffrey Dunn, Investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. Contributor to the Huffington Post. Author of, The Lies of Sarah Palin.

    Further Information:
    Corey Robin blog - (http://coreyrobin.com/)
    Geoffrey Dunn on the Huffington Post - (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/geoffrey-dunn)
    Tea Party Patriots - (http://www.teapartypatriots.org/)

    Title: The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin
    Author: Corey Robin
    Publisher: Oxford University Press, 2011

    Title: The Lies of Sarah Palin: the untold story behind her relentless quest for power
    Author: Geoffrey Dunn
    Publisher: Scribe, 2011

    CD title: Music of the American Revolution: The birth of liberty
    Track title: Track 1: The Brickmaker’s March
    Artist: American Fife Ensemble
    Composer: trad
    Publishing/Copyright: New World REcords, NY, 1976

    CD title: Soundtrack to Liberty: The American Revolution, PBS TV Series
    Track title: ‘Johny Has Gone for a Soldier’
    Artist: James Taylor

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  6. Politics Weekly podcast: middle class taxes and Super Tuesday | Politics | guardian.co.uk

    Simon Jenkins, Jonathan Freedland and Heather Stewart discuss child benefit, plus why moderate Republicans are a dying breed


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  7. TED: Richard Dawkins on militant atheism

    Richard Dawkins urges all atheists to openly state their position — and to fight the incursion of the church into politics and science. A fiery, funny, powerful talk.


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