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  1. Zadie Smith talks to John Mullan about her novel. On Beauty | Books | guardian.co.uk

    Zadie Smith talks to John Mullan about her novel, On Beauty


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  2. Podcast: Louis Theroux, Author and TV Host | Maximum Fun

    Louis Theroux is an author and television host. His new book, "The Call of the Weird: Travels in American Subcultures." He’s been reporting on fringe groups and subcultures since he started in television, on the Michael Moore series TV Nation.

    In the 1990s, he hosted the series "Weird Weekends," which ran in the United States on the Bravo network. More recently, he’s hosted the UK-only series "When Louis Met…", a series of long-form documentaries which investigates some of the odder corners of celebrity culture. His work is often distinguished by a very strong sense of empathy towards his subjects, which has sometimes been interpreted as manipulation for the purpose of mockery, particularly given the generally light tone of his work.

    In his new book, Louis rekindles some of the relationships he’d formed in his first television series, and investigates how his subjects have changed and how the nation has changed around them.

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  3. Antony Beevor - ABC Conversations with Richard Fidler

    Antony Beevor is one of the world’s most popular historians.


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  4. ‘The Flame Alphabet’: When Language Turns Toxic | NPR

    In this chilling dystopian novel by Ben Marcus, the speech of children begins poisoning adults, and a married couple must consider abandoning their teenage daughter to save themselves.



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  5. The Enduring Popularity Of Sherlock Holmes | NPR

    Sherlock Holmes is 124 years old, and he’s never been in such high demand. The iconic detective from 221b Baker Street has inspired films, numerous television series, and now, two new books.


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  6. Lawrence Of Arabia, ‘Hero’ In The Middle East | NPR

    T.E. Lawrence, or Lawrence of Arabia, is one of the most well-known figures of World War I. But in Hero, Michael Korda argues he was more than just a colorful character. Korda believes his struggle to create solutions in the Middle East could have made a difference in today’s conflicts.


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  7. ‘American Rising’: When Slaves Attacked New Orleans | NPR

    In January 1811, 500 armed slaves rose up from the plantations and set out to conquer the city of New Orleans. Host Guy Raz speaks with Daniel Rasmussen, author of the new book American Rising: The Untold Story of America’s Largest Slave Revolt.


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  8. Haycast 03: Pervez Musharraf, Christopher Hitchens and Bill Bryson | Books | guardian.co.uk

    We work the queue as the former president of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, ratchets security up a few notches, while Christopher Hitchens talks tragedy and confrontation and Bill Bryson goes looking for…


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  9. Guardian Children’s Books podcast: Michael Morpurgo on War Horse | Children’s books | guardian.co.uk

    Michael Morpurgo explains where the idea for writing War Horse came from and why it’s so important to remember the suffering of the first world war


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