NSBrief - #10: Sofa

10: Sofa Sofa is a 2-time Apple Design Award winning Mac Software development firm based in Amsterdam. Saul chatted with Dirk Stoop and Jonathan Dann about designing great, award winning…



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  1. Cocoa Design Patterns: The raywenderlich.com Podcast Episode 3 | Ray Wenderlich

    A discussion of Cocoa Design patterns such as MVC, delegates, observers, and more - plus our take on the recent controversies around app name trademarks.


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  2. Core Intuition » Episode 125: Never Feeling Relaxed Again

    Daniel and Manton announce the Core Intuition Job Board, marvel at the so-called “Presenter’s Paradox” as it may pertain to products, and discuss the weight of lofty ambitions on folks such as Glassboard’s Justin Williams.

    Download (MP3, 32 minutes, 15 MB)

    Core Intuition Job Board – The new job board for iOS and Mac Cocoa developers.

    Presenter’s Paradox – Harvard Business Review article about the effect of “add ons” that don’t cut the mustard.

    Glassboard – Justin Williams’s one-man social network.

    Apportable.com – Cross-platform project enabling Objective-C apps that run on both iOS and Android.

    The Cocotron – Christopher Lloyd’s ambitious cross-platform Cocoa implementation.

    Sponsored by CocoaConf: the developer conference for those who think different.


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  3. Edge Cases 14

    A weekly podcast about software development by Andrew Pontious and Wolf Rentzsch.


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