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  1. Space Conspiracy theories

    Yes, we actually landed on the Moon. No, aliens didn’t crash land at Roswell. What is it about space exploration that leads to so many conspiracy theories? We’ll try to get to the bottom of these conspiracy theories, poke holes in their ridiculous ideas and help you build your baloney detection kit.

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  2. Podcast « You Are Not So Smart

    Sixteen: Why Conspiracy Theories Flourish Who is pulling the strings? Who is behind the coverup? Who holds the real power, and what do they want? How deep does the conspiracy to control your mind go? In this episode we discuss the history, social impact, neuroscience and psychology behind conspiracy theories and paranoid thinking. Our guests…

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  3. Mondo Diablo Episode 300: It’s a Conspiracy II

    Does anyone think I need to celebrate because we have a big, round, and soft number here? I mean, should I wait until 500? That could be a long time from now.

    Anti-irregardless, I hope everyone knows that this is one way to find out about what I’m doing, but there’s also Facebook, which I, uh, "do." You can find "my facebook" at . Go ahead and friend me. It’s best to say, "hey I like yer podsmack" or something like that. If not that, Praise "Bob" and yer in.

    Enjoy The Conspiracy, because It enjoys you.

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