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  1. Mobile Brain Podcast Ep 7 – Wearables… WTF?! | Joel Blackmore

    How do we design for werables like the Moto 360?

    Podcast time again. This time with old dogs Naji El-Arifi and Dan Sherratt from Somo accompanied by young pup Jon Darke from Every Interaction.

    It’s hard to deny that ‘wearables’ are the hottest subject in tech at the moment. We try to shed some light on the issues designing for wearables, what’s stopping them from becoming mainstream, and which company is best poised to lead the market.


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  2. Designing the User Experience Curve - Andy Budd

    Andy Budd is an internationally renowned user experience designer and web standards expert from Clearleft. In his speech at the Future of Web Design conference in London he compares the user experience of websites to various real life examples. He highlights the importance of user experience in web design with some useful little tips that can be put into effect on your future projects.

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  3. Service Design

    Using Lean thru Service Design Thinking to drive Continuous Improvement in Lean Sales and Marketing, Lean Services, Lean Design


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  4. Achieving Organizational Health :: Lean Sales and Marketing thru Service Design Thinking

    Using Lean thru Service Design Thinking to drive Continuous Improvement in Lean Sales and Marketing, Lean Services, Lean Design


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  5. SO1E43 - Chris Nelson

    2:00 How MVC is shifting from server side to client side
    2:53 Backbone.js and CoffeeScript revolutionizing front end development
    4:35 Seamlessly structuring client side code with Backbone.js
    6:18 The origin of Backbone.js and why it fits naturally with Rails
    8:34 How CoffeeScript changed Chris’ approach to front end development
    9:00 CoffeeScript as a better syntax for JavaScript
    10:00 Where to begin? CoffeeScript for n00bs
    11:00 Jasmine: BDD for JavaScript
    11:42 Why Jasmine   CoffeeScript = crazy delicious
    12:30 The Beautiful Front End Code training course
    13:37 How Steve Jobs and the Apple IIe shaped Chris’ introduction to programming
    19:15 Chris’ interest in node.js
    20:20 Rails 3.1 asset pipeline for managing dependencies in JavaScript
    20:40 The npm_assets gem to add npm modules to your Rails asset path

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  6. Andrew Blum with a behind the scenes look at the internet

    This week on Tech Weekly with Aleks Krotoski and Guardian technology editor Charles Arthur discuss profit warnings and dark clouds above the makers of Blackberry phones RIM (Research In Motion) and the announcement of a write down on the value of Microsoft’s online advertising service aQuantive. Also Aleks talks to the author Andrew Blum about his new book Tubes: Behind the Scenes at the Internet which sets out to explain what the internet is made of and why it’s important for us to think about how we purchase access to the web.

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  7. The Web Ahead #25: Responsive Images with Mat Marquis

    What’s the best way to handle responsive images? There’s been a lot of discussion flying around over the last many months, big debates and fast changes… where have we landed? What’s coming in the future? Responsive Images Community Group chair Mat Marquis joins Jen Simmons to sort it all out.


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  8. Browser Wars V: The Angry Birds Era

    The browser wars panel has been an SxSW institution, and gives us a forum to bring browser vendors to to the table to take stock of new developments on the web. As in years past, we’ll bring Mozilla (Firefox), Google (Chrome), Microsoft (IE), Opera (Opera), and maybe Apple (Safari) to the table to speak of developments on the web, and to share their unique perspectives as those who make the platforms on which the web is viewed.

    Our tag line this year places tongue firmly in cheek. Interesting chatter continues about applications on the web. What’s the story with browser-based app stores? While we’re at it, microdata has been embraced by Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, but the web seems underwhelmed by schema.org. And why hasn’t HTML5 video changed our lives already, and why aren’t there any real peer-to-peer apps on the web yet? And, is WebGL ready or just sodden in hype? We’ll get candid on this panel, and take stock of the era of modern browsers, mobile apps, and Angry Birds.


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  9. Emily Lewis Builds the Web One Microformat at a Time

    Carl and Richard talk to Emily Lewis about HTML5, CSS3, Microformats, and general web development topics. Emily calls herself a ‘standardista’ and demonstrates that in the conversation, talking about the advantage of using schemas to identify different types of data in your web pages. Could this be the return of XML schemas in a way that makes sense?


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  10. Charlie Stross on Singularity 1 on 1: The World is Complicated. Elegant Narratives Explaining Everything Are Wrong!

    Want to find out why Charlie Stross thinks that the singularity, if it happens at all, may not leave any room for humans? Check out his interview for www.SingularityWeblog.com


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