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  1. Mobile Brain Podcast Ep 7 – Wearables… WTF?! | Joel Blackmore

    How do we design for werables like the Moto 360?

    Podcast time again. This time with old dogs Naji El-Arifi and Dan Sherratt from Somo accompanied by young pup Jon Darke from Every Interaction.

    It’s hard to deny that ‘wearables’ are the hottest subject in tech at the moment. We try to shed some light on the issues designing for wearables, what’s stopping them from becoming mainstream, and which company is best poised to lead the market.


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  2. The Changelog #88: Vagrant, HashiCorp and beyond with Mitchell Hashimoto

    Adam Stacoviak and Andrew Thorp talk with Mitchell Hashimoto, the creator of Vagrant and founder of HashiCorp.

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  3. Construction Kit Food - The Talk Show - Mule Radio Syndicate

    The Talk Show

    Episode 71

    February 14, 2014


    Construction Kit Food

    with Jason Fried

    Special guest Jason Fried joins John Gruber; topics include 37signals’ decision to rebrand as Basecamp and focus on just one product, aligning customer interests with your business interests, the future of sports broadcasting, and more.

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    Hover takes all the hassle and friction out of owning and managing domain names. Learn at your own pace from expert-taught video tutorials.

    Websites we mention:


    Signal vs. Noise

    Real Networks suckage

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  4. Are Droids Taking Our Jobs? : NPR

    Robots and algorithms can now build cars, write articles, and translate texts —€” all work that once required a human. So what will we humans do for work? Andrew McAfee looks at recent labor data to say: We ain’t seen nothing yet.

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  5. Anders Ramsay – Applying Agile Values to UX

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  6. Chris Risdon – Mapping the User Experience

    In the current multi-device, interconnected landscape, a user can interact with your product or service from a variety of touchpoints. At each, you must address the user’s needs at a particular place and time. Those needs are determined by where they are in the experience.

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  7. User Experience Best Practices

    Nick will explore the best practices of user experience by reviewing some of the most popular and highly trafficked websites today such as eBay, Amazon, Toyota, Flickr, Twitter, Netflix and more. Nick will identify and explain both good an bad experiences on these sites on the merits of visual design, information architecture, interaction, and ease of use. If there is time we will open the floor for audience submissions and to provide quick feedback and areas of improvement.

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  8. Designing the User Experience Curve - Andy Budd

    Andy Budd is an internationally renowned user experience designer and web standards expert from Clearleft. In his speech at the Future of Web Design conference in London he compares the user experience of websites to various real life examples. He highlights the importance of user experience in web design with some useful little tips that can be put into effect on your future projects.

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  9. Service Design

    Using Lean thru Service Design Thinking to drive Continuous Improvement in Lean Sales and Marketing, Lean Services, Lean Design

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  10. Eric Ries on Lean Startups and Content as a Catalyst for Success

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