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  1. Mac Power Users #156: Editorial with Federico Viticci


    GREAT Show with Frederico Vittici

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  2. Generational podcast - 048 - Tackling iOS Text Editors

    iOS text editors

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  3. 034 - Developing Workflow Software with Greg Pierce [iOS app Drafts]

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  4. John Gruber on iOS design, Markdown and ice cube trays

    John Gruber joins Brett to talk Vesper, Markdown, editing posts and how it applies to interface design.

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  5. 5by5 | Back to Work #46: Not Counting the Mezzanine

    This week, Merlin and Dan get all “Zen” about bias and minimalism. Your background won’t get any blacker, so stop burning cycles arguing on the internet or worrying about what other people think or how minimal you are. It’s not about the bird skeletons, lion skins or barefoot girls. Unless that’s what works. Just make sure it really works.

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  6. Back to Work #25: My Food Court of Functionality - 5by5

    Dan and Merlin talk about nerds getting problems and about using Markdown in BBEdit, Textmate or any text app because you need to find tools that remove friction, not distractions.

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