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  1. CSS and JavaScript: Can’t We All Just Get Along? - The Big Web Show

    CSS and JavaScript: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

    with Nicole Sullivan

    Running CSS Conf, building scalable systems that won’t break, designing for speed and performance, learning Ruby, Object Oriented CSS, a CSS Style Guide, Type-o-matic, practical takeaways from stunt CSS, pairing as a work method, sexism and racism tests, and setting aside biases when selecting conference sessions.


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  2. 098: With Lyza Danger Gardner - ShopTalk

    This week we were joined by Lyza Danger Gardner.

    We talked about (roughly in order):


    12:33 Web Standards Killed The HTML Star, and Is Web Design Dead?

    21:40 Grunt is dead? What about Gulp?

    Q & A:

    27:04 I’m curious to know how we as a community are handling touch events on mobile devices at the moment? Specifically referring to dropdown/fly-out menus. Is there a popular jQuery/JS library you’d recommend?

    35:15 Every now and then, my job requires me to code an html email template. I usually have to look online to see what email clients can and can’t handle, but lately I’ve been getting a lot of contradictory answers. Is there a CanIUse.com for emails?

    40:05 Is it possible to (and how can one) avoid code redundancy / DRY violations when supporting non-media query browsers like IE8 and below during responsive design implementation?

    50:37 Can you explain a bit about what Compass is, how to use it, and what makes it so great?

    58:34 What are the benefits of having a responsive design vs a separate mobile site?


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  3. Nitch Episode 68: Fancy Class

    August 2, 2013

    Running time: 48:19

    Jonathan and Kelli walk through a process for modern web development using responsive design, CSS3, and copious amounts of progressive enhancement.


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  4. Squirrel and Moose: In Under The Line

    Dylan and special guest Stephanie Hobson talk about the perils of CSS for programmers, international travel, and vacations. Also, Canadian stereotypes, American border crossings, and the surprising openness of the British.


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  5. The Big Web Show #94: Lea Verou

    Lea Verou (@LeaVerou) and Jeffrey Zeldman (@zeldman) discuss the creative process behind her CSS Secrets series and the book of the same name she is writing for O’Reilly; loving JavaScript and math; Lea’s professional path, beginning with coding Visual Basic at age twelve; using CSS to layout a print book about CSS; creating popular Open Source projects like Dabblet, Prism, and CSS3 Test; the case for progressive enhancement; earning a living doing your own thing; leaving her job at the W3C (announced today); and much more.


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  6. Live from Front-End Conf - ShopTalk

    This episode of Shop Talk was filmed before a live studio audience. Thanks to Dan & Cherrie Denney for inviting us down to Front-End Design Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. Chris played the banjo a bit and Dave wore a Floridian shirt. It is a spectacular conference and a lot of fun was had.


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  7. Upfront Podcast: Episode 9 - CSS with Harry Roberts

    An in-depth discussion on the latest tooling, workflow and best practices for frontend developers.

    This week we were joined by Harry Roberts to discuss all things CSS, including CSS preprocessors and his CSS framework, Inuit CSS, along with some Git and Github chatter too.


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  8. 5by5 | The Big Web Show #79: Eric A. Meyer

    In Episode No. 79 of The Big Web Show ("everything web that matters"), host Jeffrey Zeldman interviews CSS guru, Microformats co-founder, O’Reilly and New Riders author, and An Event Apart co-founder Eric A. Meyer (@meyerweb) about upcoming CSS modules including grid layout, flexbox, and regions; his career trajectory from college graduate webmaster to world-renowned author, consultant, and lecturer; founding and running a virtual community (CSS-Discuss); becoming an O’Reilly writer; the early days of the Mosaic Browser and The Web Standards Project’s CSS Samurai; "The Web Behind" variation of The Web Ahead podcast, and more.


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  9. ShopTalk 040: with Laura Kalbag

    This week we were joined by Laura Kalbag, a freelance designer from Surrey in the UK. She’s done some work you might be familiar with, like the “Future Of …” conference websites. Laura talks about responsive design and what it’s like being a web designer in a modern and fresh way.


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  10. The Web Behind: Dave Shea

    Dave Shea joins Eric Meyer and Jen Simmons for the third episode of in The Web Behind series. They talk about the CSS Zen Garden, a website Dave created in 2003 which showed the world how radically-different designs could be with just CSS. Dave also reflects on the origins and lasting effects of the CSS Sprites technique he introduced to the world, and reminisces about the web design community of a decade ago.

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