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  1. Curiosity in the Classroom | EdTechTalk

    In this show, Lisa Parisi, Maria Knee, and Sheila Adams explored how to create a culture of curiosity in classrooms.


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  2. Correction in the ELT Classroom Podcast | #ELTchat

    This week we looked at error correction and the future of online teaching. Shelly interviewed Paul Braddock, Shaun Wilden and Beth Cagnol and got some great feedback. If you want to follow these great Twitterers then clicking on the picures will take you to their Twitter pages. http://eltchat.com/tag/podcast/

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  3. Teaching with Video

    Allen Ascher with some tips.

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  4. ESL Teacher TAlk - small groups discussion

    ESL Teacher Talk, A Podcast for ESL & EFL Teachers - Games, teaching techniques, activities, etc

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  5. Correcting Errors

    How to give feedback, assess and correct errors. when and how.

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  6. Classroom Management

    Ideas for discipline and classroom management in the EFL Classroom

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