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If you have ever taught children, you may well have come across the ‘Let’s Go!‘ series, now on the third edition and a multimedia behemoth! I met with Barbara, one of the authors, at the ETJ Chubu Expo in October 2009 and she was kind enough to give this interview. She is delightful company and I wish I’d left the camera running because we talked for as long again after I turned it off. She has a lot to say about teaching children and professional development in particular, but we also touched on a few other topics. If you haven’t already, you should check out Barbara’s blog and have a look for her on twitter (@barbsaka ). Being in this part of the world opportunities to meet members of the online ELT community are limited, so it is always especially enjoyable to catch up with someone as lovely as Barbara… even if it is only a few times a year ; D

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  1. the lives of teachers » Interview with Barbara Sakamoto

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    This show goes over some basic problems that come up in teaching classes with 1-3 year olds: short attention spans, running around the room, eating your materials, high expectations of the parents and more. Each problem is addressed and a few ideas for dealing with each are discussed.

    More advice and focus is given to the actual planning and running of the classes:

    * language production and what to expect
    * handling zero production
    * eliciting language from this group
    * activities: what do they like
    * activities: what qualities do they like
    * vocabulary: how to introduce it
    * working with music and actions
    * play and explore vs. teaching at them
    * how to motivate them

    Quite a bit in this show and we hope some of it is helpful if it’s not all applicable.

    ESL Teacher Talk,

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