Generation XXX: a forum about young adults, sex and internet porn

Warning: Contains material of an adult nature. Recommended for listeners 18 years and over.

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  1. Generation XXX: a forum about young adults, sex and internet porn

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  1. The brainstorm that changes teenagers into adults - All In The Mind - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Adolescence can be a hard time, both for teenagers and the people unfortunate enough to live with them. New research is shedding light on this difficult period, and busting the myth of the hormone-controlled youth, writes Lynne Malcolm.

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  2. Dr. Richard Mouw part one

    In case you haven’t heard, homosexuality is a big issue across the nation and for the American church. For most thoughtful people, there is a tremendous need

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  3. The Young and the Jobless (CBC’s The Current)

    Today our project, Shift, on demographic change is tracking young people in search of work. There are 200,000 fewer young people on the job than there were at this time two years ago. We take a look inside youth unemployment.

    There are lots of ways to measure unemployment, but one statistics stands out: There are 200,000 fewer young people … that is, those aged 15 to 24 … 200,000 fewer of them working today than there were two years ago.

    With the university year wrapped up and the high school year ending and a new group of young people marching towards the job market, our project Shift on demographic change is looking to see where they fit in.

    The CBC’s Neil Sandell went to something called the National Job Fair and Training Expo in Toronto where he met young people anxious to start careers. His documentary is called The Young and The Jobless.

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