The 56th Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture at the Princeton Club in NYC


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  1. Douglas Rushkoff and Present Shock - Future Tense - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Renowned US media theorist Douglas Rushkoff argues we now live in a state of ‘Present Shock’ where we’ve lost our understanding of time; and where our sense of what the future should and could be has been seriously diminished. He explains the cause and symptoms of ‘Present Shock’.

    Douglas Rushkoff, Media theorist and author of ‘Present Shock’.

    Title: Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now
    Author: Douglas Rushkoff
    Publisher: Current Hardcover

    Further Information:
    Douglas Rushkoff’s Website (
    Wall Street Journal Excerpt of "Present Shock’ (
    2011 Future Tense Interview with Douglas Rushkoff (

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  2. WFMU’s The Media Squat with Douglas Rushkoff from Jun 1, 2009

    The Book Tour show | Full playlist at Douglas Rushkoff - "RAMONES > > You’re in the Media-squat. Our last best hope for airtime. > > The Media Squat is freeform, bottom-up, open source radio looking towards similarly open source, bottom-up solutions to some" Douglas Rushkoff - "of the problems engendered by our relentlessly top-down society." Douglas Rushkoff - "Join us every Monday night on WFMU, WFMU.ORG, and iTunes, or all week long at"

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  3. WFMU’s The Media Squat with Douglas Rushkoff from Jun 29, 2009

    Special from the Personal Democracy Forum | Full playlist at Douglas Rushkoff - "Douglas Rushkoff is live at the "Personal Democracy Forum" held at "Jazz at the Lincoln Center". His guests this evening are David Weinberger, Mark Pesce, Scott Heiferman."

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