The (Multi) Universe(s)

Discussion between Robert Krulwich (host) & Brian Greene (physics & math professor) about infinite universes and the idea of the multiverses.

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  1. The (Multi) Universe(s)

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    Neil Turok on the "Endless Universe" and the Q2C:Quantum to Cosmos Festival.

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  2. Radiolab: DIY Universe

    Can you make your own universe? We usually think of the universe as “everything that exists,” so how could you make another one? Well, physicists have been speculating about the existence of multiple universes for some time now. And for Robert, the obvious next question was: “Can we make one?” So he invited physicist Brian Greene to his kitchen to speculate about just that. And it turns out, it’s not such a far-fetched idea. There are scientists right now trying to figure out whether it’s possible and what it would take. According to Brian, it would require a tiny black hole, a dash of reverse-gravity, and a lot of luck. But the laws of physics don’t rule it out.


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  3. To The Best of Our Knowledge: The Universe

    Leonard Mlodinow and co-author Stephen Hawking say that you can explain the existence of everything without requiring God. Charles Yu’s novel details some of the perils of existence in multiple time streams. James Kakalios says that some of the early quantum physicists were inspired by science fiction. John Polkinghorne is the author of many books on the subject of bridging the gap between science and religion. Michio Kaku tells us exactly why the impossible just takes a little longer.

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