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  1. Lierre Keith: The Vegetarian Myth, How Agriculture Made Us Sick, and How to Save the World | Fat-Burning Man

    This week’s show is with one impressive woman, Lierre Keith. Lierre has been a highly requested guest for a while now. This show is going to show you exactly why.


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  2. BBC - Desert Island Discs - Castaway : Sir Ken Robinson

    Kirsty Young talks to educationalist Sir Ken Robinson.

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  3. Podcast: the democratization of manufacturing

    Manufacturing is hard, but it’s getting easier. In every stage of the manufacturing process–prototyping, small runs, large runs, marketing, fulfillment–cheap tools and service models have become available, dramatically decreasing the amount of capital required to start building something and the expense of revising and improving a product once it’s in production.

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  4. Ambient Location and the Future of the Interface — dConstruct Audio Archive

    In this presentation, Geoloqi co-founder Amber Case will take you on a journey through the history of calm technology, wearable computing, and how developers and designers can make apps “ambient” and inspire delight instead of constant interaction.


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  5. Rethinking Education

    Our model for education was forged in the industrial revolution. But as our economy and world changes and businesses scramble to keep up, what about our schools? Are we preparing our children for a bygone era? Author Cathy N. Davidson sits down with Steve Paikin to discuss how we can transform the classroom to accommodate our changing world.

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  6. Audioboo / James Burke predicted the future in 1973. Now he does it again.

    Forty years ago for Radio Times, the scientist and broadcaster James Burke predicted events in 1993. He got a lot right. So we asked him in to PM this afternoon to predict the future. The sound begins with an actor reading from the original article, written by Tony Peagam.’ name=’description



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  7. How Secure Is The Fort Knox Of Seeds?

    The largest seed vault in the U.S. serves as a locked-down, genetic warehouse. It once stored unapproved biotech wheat that was recently found in Oregon. The vault was not the source of contamination, but the event raised questions about security.

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  8. Lose your accent

    How to lose your accent according to experts from the BBC

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  9. E.O. Wilson’s Advice for Future Scientists : NPR

    In his new book, Letters to a Young Scientist, biologist and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Edward O. Wilson aims to inspire a new generation of scientists. Among his observations and advice: Geniuses don’t make the best scientists, and don’t worry if you aren’t good at math.



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  10. Progressive Commentary Hour – Conversations With Great Minds – 04/08/13

    Chris Hedges is one of our nation’s most insightful cultural critics, social and political activists and authors. For almost 20 years he was a foreign correspondent in war zones and conflicts in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans, having reported for The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor and other news outlets. While at the Times, Chris received the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for reporting on global terrorism. The same year he received Amnesty International’s Global Award for Human Rights Journalism. Over the years he has taught at Columbia, Princeton, NYU and the University of Toronto.

    Read more: http://prn.fm/2013/04/08/progressive-commentary-hour-conversations-with-great-minds-040813/#ixzz2QibLdKZY Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

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