Waid/Atkins/Humphries/Sanders on Word Balloon

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  1. Digital Comics Price Fight

    Moderated by Chip Mosher, Mark Waid, Jeff Webber, Scott Kurtz, Chris Ross talk about how to price digital comics. Mark Waid was late getting to the panel which lead to Chip calling his cell and leaving a voice message with the audience participation. The group talked about what price a digital comic should be and a bit about how much comics they should get for that price. Scott Kurtz was not shy about talking about his issues with the way ComiXology business works, those on the panel asked the audience some question about pricing structures for digital comics. DRM (digital rights management) was also an issue that was brought up too.

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  2. #014: The Unparalleled Triple Threat of Getting Things Done [Podcast] | Jeff Sanders

    When every day feels like chimpanzees are running your life, what`s the next step? Simple, implement this fool-proof productivity system.


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  3. Word Balloon The Pop Culture Interview Podcast: Word Balloon Podcast Mark Waid Antony Johnston and Canada’s Comic Book Golden Age With Hope Nicholson

    The Weekly Pop Culture Audio Podcast Featuring In-Depth One On One Interviews and Discussions From The Entertainment Worlds Of Genre Fiction- Comic Books, Novels, Television, Film, Video Games And More. Created In 2005 By Chicago Radio/TV Host John Siuntres


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