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  1. Remy Sharp

    In this episode of the modern.IE podcast, Josh Holmes joined by Remy Sharp, founder of JSBin and the guy that runs the Full Frontal conference. Remy is a smart guy and a sharp dresser, as you’ll find out about in the podcast. We talk about a lot of things ranging from JSBin to educating new developer to the things Remy is most excited about.


    Also Dave Methvin, president of the jQuery Foundation, joins us to discuss the web developer tip of the week.

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  2. Christian Heilmann — TE; DL Too Easy, Didn’t Learn

    Keynote at jQuery Europe 2014.

    In the keynote, I tried to analyse the massive discrepancy between what we as web developers get and how happy we seem to be.

    We are an elite group in the job market: we are paid well, our work environment is high-tech and our perks make other people jealous. We even get the proverbial free lunches.

    And yet our image is that of unsatisfied, hard to work with people who need to be kept happy and are socially awkward. I was confused that a group with all the necessary creature comforts is not an example of how easy working together could be. Instead, we even seem to need codes of conduct for our events to remind people not to behave badly towards people of the other sex or cultural background. Are we spoiled? Are we just broken? Or is there more?

    I’ve found a few reasons why we can come across as unsatisfied and hard to handle and the biggest to me was that whilst we are getting pampered, we lack real recognition for what we do.

    When you get a lot, but you yourself feel you are not really doing much, you are stuck between feeling superior to others who struggle with things you consider easy and feeling like a fraud. Instead of trying to communicate out about what we do, how much work it involves and why we do things in a certain way we seem to flee into a world of blaming our tools and trying to impress one another.

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  3. 110: With Julie Ann Horvath - ShopTalk

    This week we were joined by Julie Ann Horvath, designer and developer for &yet. Julie has recently been the subject of tech news headlines because of her public resignation from her previous employer (Github) due to sexism and harassment. It’s a heavy and traumatic topic, but we’re thankful to Julie for sharing her experience so we can grow as a community and prevent these types of unfortunate events in the future.

    We talked about (roughly in order):

    5:15 Story behind Julie’s GitHub exit (Full Story: TechCrunch)


    28:37 Brendan Eich resigns as Mozilla Corporation CEO

    Note: Within minutes of wrapping this episode, Brendan Eich stepped down as CEO.

    Q & A:

    38:09 Do you have any advice on where to look for jobs where an experienced front-end developer could learn from their co-workers and be challenged?

    46:52 Since there are a lot of web development languages to learn and many developers know the usual HTML, CSS and Javascript. Which language would you say is a niche market to learn for hire?

    50:48 I feel like I may have too much on my plate for the year: should I ask my team for more help?

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  4. Episode #37 — Jenn Lukas Can Dance On Command, The Quickening : Pixel Recess

    Ready yourself for the dance-tronic spectacular of today’s guest — “tear-off” clothing connoisseur, conference speaker dance specialist, future President of the Fantasy Football Fail League and writer of Game Of Thrones meme network bloglr tumblesite Sex-Hobbit, oh, and also a front-end mechanic of Acme CSS, Jenn Lukas. When Jenn (with a hard “n”) isn’t contemplating the cries of John Snow, you can find her writing things and spontaneously reading books out loud.

    Please rate and review this podcast on iTunes and vote for it as the Best New Podcast on the Net Awards. Please don’t make me create thousands of alias email accounts to make my dream of superfluous internet stardom (and subsequent celebrity mental breakdown) a reality.

    Today’s show is NOT sponsored by George R.R. Martin or The City Of Philadelphia.    Superiority Level:14.69

    Twitter Famous:7,859

    Follow Jenn:@jennlukas

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  5. The Big Web Show 113: From Britain With Love: Front End Style Guides

    Anna Debenham on Code For America, starting a web career at age 14, checking websites in game console browsers, producing 24 Ways, what comes after winning young developer of the year, and the delights of Spotted Dick and Victoria Sponge.

    Anna is the author of Front-end Style Guides, creator of the Game Console Browsers website for developers, co-producer of 24 Ways, technical editor for A List Apart, and was Netmag’s Young Developer of the Year 2013.

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  6. The Changelog #88: Vagrant, HashiCorp and beyond with Mitchell Hashimoto

    Adam Stacoviak and Andrew Thorp talk with Mitchell Hashimoto, the creator of Vagrant and founder of HashiCorp.

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  7. ShopTalk #101: With John Resig

    This week we were joined by John Resig. John is the Dean of Computer Science at Khan Academy and the creator of the jQuery JavaScript library. He’s also the author of the books Pro JavaScript Techniques and Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja.

    We talked about (roughly in order):

    Q & A:

    42:08 Is it worth it for me to start investing my time into learning all these new frameworks (such as backbone, angular, ember)?

    46:50 I work as a front-end developer at Hiplogiq. We are looking to fill a couple of front-end dev internships. We would like to offer more opportunities to women in our field, but I have found that is extremely hard to find candidates. Do you guys have any ideas where else can I find students that may want to be part of our internship program? (check out: Women Who Code)

    58:00 Should I learn Javascript or JQuery?

    61:45 Minigames with canvas?

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  8. CSS and JavaScript: Can’t We All Just Get Along? - The Big Web Show

    CSS and JavaScript: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

    with Nicole Sullivan

    Running CSS Conf, building scalable systems that won’t break, designing for speed and performance, learning Ruby, Object Oriented CSS, a CSS Style Guide, Type-o-matic, practical takeaways from stunt CSS, pairing as a work method, sexism and racism tests, and setting aside biases when selecting conference sessions.

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  9. Brad Frost – Creating Responsive Interfaces » UIE Brain Sparks

    Frameworks and design patterns are no strangers in the world of web design. As responsive web design becomes common practice, making sure these templates work across every imaginable screen and device is trickier. There have been attempts to break down page elements in separate modules, but you often never see it fully assembled.

    Brad Frost shares this frustration and introduces Atomic Design as a solution. Borrowing from the metaphor of atoms making up molecules, molecules making up organism and so forth, Brad thinks responsive design needs to be approached deeper than at the page level. Having these individual modules is great, but how do they all fit together?

    Designing in this way allows you to be more deliberate and systematic in your approach. Dividing an interface up creates the ability to stitch webpages together but in a way that builds from an atomic level and you can clearly see how you’ve arrived at the end product. This approach to responsive design, as Brad says, serves to solve problems in a very acute way.

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  10. Episode #019 | The Back to Front Show

    It’s the end of year Back to Front Show awards special. An opinonated, and occasionally tongue in cheek, look back over the last year in which we celebrate the events, the trends, the people, the apps, the podcasts, the magazines and the books that have made 2013 a great year. We also have details of our first ever guest co-host who will be joining Keir in December!

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