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  1. S02 Episode 1 - Giveaways and Side Projects

    An in-depth discussion on the latest tooling, workflow and best practices for frontend developers

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  2. Less Than Bang

    Hey, it’s our first episode! The theme is New Year’s Resolutions, and we also talk about our goals for the show, why we’re doing it in the first place.

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  3. The Creative Coding Podcast | Iain and Seb discuss the ins-and-outs of programming for creative applications.

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  4. How do you avoid doing damage when you upgrade your site? – Podcast Episode #74 | SiteVisibility

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  5. ExplicitWeb - Episode 2

    On this week’s show John introduces the basics of HTML5, Rob describes how to get animating with HTML5 Canvas and Hannah debates whether or not Flash has a future.

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  6. ExplicitWeb - Episode 1 - Pilot

    ExplicitWeb is a regularly recorded podcast all about the front lines of website design and development. On this week’s show Rob talks about local development environments, Hannah tackles the intricacies of Subversion and Git version control, and John rants about why designing in the browser isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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  7. Jeremy Keith talks about Huffduffer at Refresh Belfast

    Refresh Belfast’s first Festive Extravaganza was held in the Black Box Theatre in Belfast. Jeremy Keith was invited to speak about Huffduffer and this is the audio.

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  8. Jeremy Keith {27} Still Brighton at 3am

    In issue #27, we keep Jeremy Keith awake at 3am, discussing Clearleft, Javascript, Huffduffer, Microformats and Salter Cane.

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  9. Talking SEO and local web promotion with Ashley Berman Hale

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