Building better forms with Steve Marshall « Boagworld

Steve Marshall from Yahoo! interviewed by Paul Boag about best practice in form design

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  1. Building better forms with Steve Marshall « Boagworld

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  2. Building better forms with Steve Marshall

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  1. Aaron Gustafson — Learning to love forms

    Forms. We all have to make ‘em, but few of us love ‘em. Aaron Gustafson believes that this is because we don’t under stand them. In this ses sion, we will explore forms from top to bot tom, exam in ing how they work and how their com po nents can be incor po­rated with other ele ments to max i mize acces si bil ity, improve seman tics, and allow for more flex i ble styling. You’ll get to see the com plete pic ture with forms, includ ing error, warn ing and for mat ting mes sages, styling and its impli ca tions, as well as best prac tices for manip u la tion with Javascript and Ajax.

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  2. Caroline Jarret on Forms

    Caroline Jarrett in conversation with Susan Weinschenk.

    In this podcast we talk about:

    • How to design usable forms
    • Why you should think about “relationship” and “conversation” when you are designing forms
    • The ubiquitous argument: do you put colons or not at the end of field labels? and lots of other fun and interesting topics. It’s all about forms.


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  3. SpoolCast: Moving Beyond Static Forms with Luke Wroblewski

    Web forms are the mouth that feeds most web apps. There’s no way around that. Yet, few people are thinking about how to make one of the more unpleasant parts of the web more pleasant. The world’s foremost authority on web forms is Luke Wroblewski, author of the heralded book, Web Form Design.

    • Duration: 35m | 16 MB
    • Recorded: January, 2010
    • Brian Christiansen, UIE Podcast Producer


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