Soccer Matters 9-20-11

Glenn speaks with FC Dallas Coach, Schellas Hyndman about his team and the upcoming game. Pavel Pardo speaks with Glenn about his experiences and playing for the MLS in the US. Dr. Flores gives Glenn the rundown on health of knees and ACLs. Joe Ashmore calls in to give his German update and Coach Dave Santesteban from San Jacinto Soccer gives an update on the team and tragic loss of the team member Jose Perez.

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  1. Soccer Matters 9-27-11

    On tonights’s Soccer Matters, Glenn Davis speaks with Chicago Fire forward Dominic Oduro. Glenn also talks knee injuries with Dr. Flores of the Ironman Sports Medicine Institute. Head coach Dave Santesteban chimes in on the state of San Jacinto College soccer program.

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  2. Soccer Matters 8-22-11

    Tonight Glenn speaks with Alex Dixon and his goal with the Dynamo, Bob Marley of the Ironman Sports Medicine Institute about athletic footwear and Dr. David Santesteban, the head coach of San Jacinto College soccer program to give you the college update.

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  3. Soccer Matters 8-30-11

    On tonight’s packed Soccer Matters, Glenn speaks with Corey Ashe of the Dynamo, Speaks with Bob Marley about ankle injuries, and others. As a bonus, we play the worst music ever heard.

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