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  1. Top 8 Magic #357 - Walking, Talking, and Jaywalking in Seattle - |

    Top 8 Magic #357 – Walking, Talking, and Jaywalking in Seattle

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    Brian David-Marshall and guest co-host Marshall Sutcliffe wander the streets of Seattle, and record a podcast! Scars block draft, what it means to play pro Magic, live parking tickets, Theros limited, and of course, basketball.

    Your Hosts:

    Pro Tour Historian Brian David-Marshall – @top8games

    Limited Resource Marshall Sutcliffe – @Marshall_LR

    Absent but not forgotten, Michael J Flores – @fivewithflores

    Deckade! []

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  2. WTF #445 - Edgar Wright

    Director Edgar Wright is in the garage to tell Marc how his lifelong obsession with television and movies of every stripe led him to developing a distinctive style for his movies like Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim and The World’s End. Also, Edgar reveals how his mother’s conspiracy theories about the Freemasons running Edgar’s childhood town spawned the plot of Hot Fuzz. This episode is sponsored by GoToMeeting by Citrix. Try it free right now using the offer code WTF.

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  3. Let’s Make Mistakes #113: The Last Word on XOXO

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  4. WTF with Marc Maron Podcast: Episode 408 - Thom Yorke

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  5. The Moth: Me & Her & It

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  6. Episode 473: Top Of The Charts (Econ Remix) : Planet Money : NPR

    How the top three songs in America explain the crazy transformation in the music business.

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  7. WTF #399 - Kristen Schaal

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  8. WTF #388 - Noah Baumbach

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  9. The Old Reader interview

    This interview was recorded the week after Google announced the death of beloved feed parsing app, Google Reader. The headlines regarding Reader’s demise have been predictably and wonderfully hyperbolic.

    Elena Bulygina and Anton Tolchanov, two of the three co-founders of The Old Reader, help us make sense of a post-Google Reader world.

    Props to @ChazFrench for his help in understanding the true power of the old Google reader.

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  10. WTF #386 - Alison Brie

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