Jon Udell has a conversation with Jeff Jonas about connecting dots

Jon Udell speaks with the Chief Scientist of IBM Entity Analytics, Jeff Jonas, who discusses a set of themes woven through his work, explored on his blog, and captured in a series of evocative phrases: perpetual analytics, non-obvious relationship awareness, sequence neutrality, "data finds data", and anonymous resolution.

In the end, Jeff Jonas wants us to be able to answer yes to a pair of seemingly contradictory questions. Can we find out everything we need to know as soon as possible? And can we discover it without violating privacy?

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    We often hear the term ‘information overload’ but is it a case of over-consumption as much as filter failure? There’s a school of thought that says we now take in information in the same way we consume fast food—without control or moderation.

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  2. Defining a Data Deluge

    From overflowing inboxes to portable players brimming with music, the amounts of data in the world are increasing. Martin Hilbert, co-author of a paper in the journal Science on the tidal wave of information, says that in 2007, humanity was able to store some 295 exabytes of information, but that’s just a pittance compared with the amounts of data stored in the natural world.


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  3. Data Stories #30 — The Information Flaneur w/ Marian Dörk | Data Stories

    Hi there,

    We have Marian Dörk on the show today to talk about the “Information Flaneur”: an approach to data visualization centered on navigating, exploring, browsing and observing the data with curiosity to learn about what’s there to see and to be surprised by new thoughts and discoveries.

    Marian is Research Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam near Berlin where he works on “exploring novel uses of interactive visualizations to support a wide range of information practices”.

    We talk about many interesting new directions for visualization like the visualizing data starting from a few seed points, whether we always need an overview first in visualization and tips on how to design visualization for “information flaneurs”.

    Enjoy the show!


    Marian’s Patina Project

    Marian’s Information Flaneur Paper

    Marian’s Pivot Paths

    Shneiderman’s Overview first, filter and zoom, and details on demand

    Lev Manovich work on Cultural Analytics

    Pirolli and Card’s Information Scent Theory

    Monadic exploration / Beautiful trouble

    Enrico’s Paper on Egocentric Biochemistry Visualization

    Van Ham and Perer’s Paper: “Search, show context, expand later”

    Mitchell Whitelaw’s Generous interfaces

    Marian’s Edge Maps

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