Chandran Nair - RSA - Constraining Consumption

Chandran Nair argues that the Western model of consumption-led economic growth cannot be replicated in Asia. This statement is not new, but Chandran Nair offers a new perspective from the Asian point of view.

If the global community is serious about lessening the impact of global capitalism on the world’s resources, then the role of the region with the largest populations on Earth must take centre stage.

In his new book, Consumptionomics: Asia’s role in reshaping capitalism and saving the planet, Chandran Nair argues that economic policy must change. The alternative is a catastrophic outcome arising from relentless promotion of a consumption-led growth model in the world’s most populous regions, at a time where resource constraints are a major issue.

Join Chandran Nair at the RSA as he calls for bans in key areas of consumption, the repricing of resources, and argues that the state must play a major role in achieving this.

Chair: Sir Crispin Tickell, director of the policy foresight programme, James Martin Institute, University of Oxford and former chair of The British Government Panel on Sustainable Development.

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    Title: The New Capitalist Manifesto: Building a Disruptively Better Business Author: Umair Haque Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press

    Title: Consumptionomics: Asia’s role in reshaping capitalism and saving the planet Author: Chandran Nair Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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