This American Life’s Inauguration Show

Glorious Obama-themed edition of America’s best (or second-best, depending on how I’m feeling) radio show.

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  1. This American Life #372: The Inauguration Show

    —Huffduffed by bewildergeist on January 20th, 2009

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    "Andrew McGibbon is a speechification favourite. An original voice, an even more original perspective, and he always make programmes about unexpected and delightful topics. This one, as you might have guessed, is about cymbals - a history and exploration taking us from before the Bible to after Spandau Ballet, including the 32nd oldest company in the world. Excellent, funny, informative - full of facts you’ll want to repeat to people in the pub."

    —Huffduffed by Kevan 4 years ago

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    —Huffduffed by gregormck 4 years ago

  3. Barack Obama’s “Prague Speech” (in English = without Czech translation)


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