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  1. Episode #102 – Cowboys & Aliens The Flop House

    Episode #102 – Cowboys & AliensHey, you got your cowboys in my aliens! No, you got your aliens in my cowboys! Meanwhile, Dan continues his trend of not being able to speak, Stuart starts (continues?) a feud with Mr. Al Madrigal, and Elliott embarks on an exciting new career in the world of retail.

    0:00 – 0:31- Introduction and theme.

    0:32 – 2:15 – Stu talks Puerto Rico and celebrity beefs

    2:16 – 36:29 – ‘Allo ‘allo, it’s me, Danyul Craig, wot’s all these Cowboys & Aliens, then?

    36:30 – 37:50 – Final judgements

    37:51 – 53:00 – Flop House Movie Mailbag

    53:01 – 59:21 – The sad bastards recommend.

    59:22 – 1:00:30 – Goodbyes, theme, and outtakes.

    AUDIO NOTE: For some reason there’s a bunch of noise of microphones being bumped in this episode. It’s quiet, but noticeable. And just when Dan finally learned how to equalize the volume of the hosts properly (one audio step forward, two steps back). He just ordered some new shock mounts for the mics, so we hope this is a one-time problem. Apologies.

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    Wikipedia synopsis of Cowboys & Aliens

    Flop House Plugs Corner

    Come to the next Flop House live event! (produced and co-hosted by the good folks at I Love Bad Movies). This will probably quite literally be your only chance to see the 1986 James Remar non-hit QUIET COOL on the big screen!

    At 92Y Tribeca on Friday, June 8 at 8 pm, on the great island of Manhattan. Tix $12. More info and online ticketing can be found HERE.

    Tags: 92Y Tribeca, Al Madrigal, Cowboys and Aliens, Dan McCoy, Daniel Craig, Elliott Kalan, live appearance, Olivia Wilde, plugs, Stuart Wellington

    May 19th, 2012


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  2. Episode #139 – Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones The Flop House

    One thing: In the hands of a good writer, the mediclorians thing could be a good idea.

    The world of the original trilogy is of a fallen society, which is why everything is gritty, and in that world the force is regarded as a superstition.

    In the elevated, enlightened civilization of the prequels, the world is shiny and new and the force is a science they fully understand.

    The problems are that a) he never explores any part of that or its impact, making it a random throwaway line and b) twenty years, the childhood of Luke Skywalker, is not enough time for that to happen.

    Like, Chewbacca isn’t gonna look at Obi-wan as some weirdo for going on about the force, because he used to know Yoda.

    Similarly, most of the people in A New Hope used to live in a time when people who used the force were plentiful.

    Anakin was a random slave kid on a distant planet and he knew all about the reputation of the jedi.

    Yet the dude on the Death Star is like, “The Force?


    That’s not really a thing.”

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  3. Episode #156 – 3 Days to Kill The Flop House

    Arg! This movie. As soon as my friend and I saw “McG”, we knew what we were in for. I hated that this movie didn’t even follow it’s own rules with the heartrate/hallucination conflict, the CIA broad who was at almost every action scene and could have been doing the job herself. Why dis she need Costner so badly? The bad guys who are trying to be inconspicuous yet are blasting off in public AND a prom??? Plus the Wolf could have easily been the boyfriend’s father which would have added a much needed layer to the character. Who brings their business partner to their son’s prom???

    I was MUCH more interested in the father/daughter story than the CIA action and the only fun moment was the Italian recipe scene.

    Costner was ok, but screw this movie.

    Besson has NO idea how to write women.

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  4. Elite: Dangerous - Kerrash Landing #59 (LaveCon) | billk2

    Recorded in front of a live audience at LaveCon 2014.

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  5. Frontier Forums

    Discussion forum for Frontier Developments community. A place to talk about video games, entertainment and games developed by Frontier.

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  6. The Skeptics Guide to the Universe | Your escape to reality





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  7. Ep. 34: “A Shit Barge Full of Long Pigs” - Roderick on the Line - Merlin Mann

    Merlin Mann’s frank & candid weekly phone call with John Roderick of The Long Winters

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  8. Interview: Martin Blaser, Author Of ‘Missing Microbes’ : NPR

    In Missing Microbes, Dr. Martin Blaser argues that the overuse of antibiotics, as well as now-common practices like C-sections, may be messing with gut microbes.

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  9. Triangulation 145 | TWiT.TV

    Dr. Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist, renowned futurist, and bestselling author. His latest book is "The Future of the Mind."


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  10. Triangulation 146 | TWiT.TV

    Jeff Hawkins is the founder of Palm Computing and Handspring, and has since turned to work on neuroscience, founding Numenta to reinvigorate artificial intelligence development using cutting edge neurological research.

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