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  1. Eric marcoullier on Mixergy


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  2. TWiST #51 with Joel Spolsky

    ‘… guest this week is Joel Spolsky, Co-Founder and CEO of Stack Overflow, Founder of Fog Creek Software’From

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  3. Don Dodge on the Startup Success Podcast

    I’ve never listened to this show before, looking forward to it! From

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  4. Paul Graham on Startups

    Paul Graham, essayist, programmer and partner in the y-combinator talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about start-ups, innovation, and creativity. Graham draws on his experience as entrepreneur and investor to discuss the current state of the start-up world and how that world has changed due to improved technology that makes it easier to start a software company. Graham talks about his unusual venture firm, the y-combinator, and how he and his partners work with start-ups to get them ready for more advanced funding. Along the way, Graham discusses why hackers are like painters and how to survive high school.


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