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  1. An Aside with Joe - I’m sure he’ll do an averagely, perfectly, alright job

    With the F1 season over for another year, Joe takes time to look back on 2011, on undervalued engineers, on the human damage of Formula 1 and on the kind of places the sport should be going.

    Also under the microscope are gobsmacking driver decisions, the latest race of a modern generation, the value of a wobbly wing to the world and just how many people are pulling Christian Horner’s strings.

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  2. Poetry in Grosjean

    We last saw Romain Grosjean towards the end of 2009 He’d been brought into Renault and was doing just fine Seven races were his after Piquet Jr left


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  3. Team Vs. Group Lotus Trial Set for March

    The argument between Team Lotus and Group Lotus will go to trial in March, thanks to a High Court judge pushing for the dispute to be settled as quickly as possible. Group Lotus had asked for a summary judgement today to stop the matter going to court, but the judge rejected that. He has set a date for the 21st March, with instructions that the trial shouldn’t be longer than ten days. We should get a resolution to the Lotus debacle by April.

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  4. Episode 138 - We Went to McLaren and I Touched Lewis’ Car

    Coming up today, we discuss shark attacks, ride height loopholes, way out wing mirrors, a slow Sauber driver and Mother’s Day celebrations.

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  5. F1 Digest 2010 - Australia GP

    The final Digest episode for the Australia weekend attempts to track all the happenings of the Grand Prix. It was all go from start to finish and the number of retirements was epic. Stay tuned for all the details.

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  6. Australian Grand Prix review, 28 Mar 10

    Jenson Button won an incident-packed Australian Grand Prix after the leading Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel slid out of the race with brake failure. An early swap to dry-weather slick tyres proved crucial in a race dominated by changing weather, crashes and breathtaking racing. The 5 live Formula 1 team review all the action from the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park.

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  7. 2010 Australian GP Podcast

    29 March 2010 - 29 March 2010 - In our post-Australia podcast, Steve Nielsen (Sporting Director) and the drivers review the second race of the season, which saw Robert’s first podium for Renault. There’s also an exclusive interview with Vitaly Petrov, engine insight from Remi Taffin (Head of Engine Operations) and an introduction to Vitaly’s race engineer, Mark Slade.

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  8. 19-Mar-10: FIA Allow Renault to Improve Engine Reliability

    Autosport is reporting today that the FIA have given Renault dispensation to make quite a few changes to their engine this season, improving reliability and costs. The FIA are keen to avoid equalising the engines in terms of performance, but the changes can be for those secondary reasons instead. Team boss Eric Boullier said: “I think out of the requests that were requested – some of them were quite tricky so the FIA was not positive, but I think most of them have been approved.

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  9. Room 101 with Tony Ross & Jonny Eddolls

    The second in our new series of 2010 podcasts, Room 101 with Rubens’ Race Engineer, Tony Ross, and Data Enginner, Jonny Eddolls. Over the course of the season, we will be giving various members of the team the opportunity to vent their frustrations about the things that bother them most about Formula One and life in general. In this edition, Tony and Jonny argue for their pet peeves to be Room 101’ed with adjudicator, Tom Clarkson.

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  10. Bahrain’s Driver Head to Head

    In the first driver podcast of the 2010 season, we pit Rubens against Nico in our Driver Head to Head to see who knows more about the Bahrain Grand Prix…

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