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  1. Blinding the surveillance state - C.Soghoian at HopeX Blinding the surveillance state - C.Soghoian - hopeX 2014

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  2. Bruce Sterling - Smart City States - FAB 10

    Gepubliceerd op 15 jul. 2014

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  3. AISFP Podcast 266 – Max Gladstone, FULL FATHOM FIVE

    Timothy C. Ward, author of the novelette, “Scavenger,” joins Assistant Editor, Carl Engle-Laird, to interview Max Gladstone about his newest novel, Full Fathom Five: Craft Sequence #3.

    On Sale, Tuesday, July 15, Full Fathom Five by Max Gladstone

    “Gladstone continues to trump his already considerable accomplishments in this tightly paced fantasy legal thriller.”

    —Publishers Weekly « Starred Review «

    Book Description and Bio:

    On the island of Kavekana, Kai builds gods to order, then hands them to others to maintain. Her creations aren’t conscious and lack their own wills and voices, but they accept sacrifices, and protect their worshippers from other gods—perfect vehicles for Craftsmen and Craftswomen operating in the divinely controlled Old World.

    When Kai sees one of her creations dying and tries to save her, she’s grievously injured—then sidelined from the business entirely, her near-suicidal rescue attempt offered up as proof of her instability. But when Kai gets tired of hearing her boss, her coworkers, and her ex-boyfriend call her crazy, and starts digging into the reasons her creations die, she uncovers a conspiracy of silence and fear—which will crush her, if Kai can’t stop it first.

    MAX GLADSTONE went to Yale, where he wrote a short story that became a finalist in the Writers of the Future competition. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Full Fathom Five is his third novel. Visit him on the web at

    Discussed in this episode of Adventures in SciFi Publishing:

    Max’s journey to becoming published by Tor.

    What is the Craft Sequence and can they stand alone or do you need to read them in order?

    Why Max chose not to change details to make this a Steampunk world.

    The Angelus Guns by Max Gladstone will be published on Wednesday.

    Max’s preparation for building this world and what elements of his writing he’s tried to improve, from sentence structure to character building.

    Our Sponsor: S. Ron Mars’ EAT FISH OR DIE Audible Short Story

    Stuck on a small planetoid, we find Major Joachim Merlot. He’s the military equivalent of a street sweeper, defending Earth against an alien race of stinking fish-like creatures. Merlot isn’t interested in being any kind of hero – he just wants to return home and see who won the office betting pool. His odds of making it back alive are only one in 16, but that doesn’t matter. He’s been issued a handy dandy Battle Ready Android with the fire power of an entire platoon. The only problem? He can’t let the android think too much. Too much thinking, you see, can upset it. And there’s the rub. Since everyone thinks most of the time, how can you figure out when it’s too much?

    Warning: This is not a paranormal urban fantasy romance.

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  4. The Hazards Of Probing The Internet’s Dark Side : All Tech Considered : NPR

    Brian Krebs, who broke the Target security breach story last year, says cybercriminals are "some very bad people." He tells Terry Gross about how they have found creative ways to taunt him.

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  5. Vinay Gupta: Three Bureaucracies of Sharing: Owners, Managers and Protectors - YouTube

    Delivered at EdgeRyder #FutureSpotters in Tbilisi, Georgia.


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  6. Jo Walton : My Real Children Interview

    It’s 2015, and Patricia Cowan is very old. “Confused today,” read the notes clipped to the end of her bed. She forgets things she should know—what year it is, major events in the lives of her children. But she remembers things that don’t seem possible. She remembers marrying Mark and having four children. And she remembers not marrying Mark and raising three children with Bee instead. She remembers the bomb that killed President Kennedy in 1963, and she remembers Kennedy in 1964, declining to run again after the nuclear exchange that took out Miami and Kiev.  Two lives, two worlds, two versions of modern history. Each with their loves and losses, their sorrows and triumphs. Jo Walton’s My Real Children is the tale of both of Patricia Cowan’s lives…and of how every life means the entire world.  “It explores issues of choice and chance and destiny and responsibility with the narrative tools that only science fiction affords, but it’s also a deeply poignant, richly imagined book about women’s lives in 20th- and 21st-century England, and, in a broader sense, about the lives of all those who are pushed to the margins of history: the disabled, the disenfranchised, the queer, the lower middle class.”—Publisher’s Weekly signature review

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  7. Thinking Differently - Warren Ellis, Ben Hammersley, Edie Lush - YouTube

    Watch more technology debates here: The internet revolution is changing our lives and how cultur…

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  8. Warren Ellis: Comedy, Dystopian America & The Space Age - YouTube

    Watch more videos on .In "Our Hopeless Future", novelist, fantasist and icon of British comics Warren Ellis discusses dystopian America, the sp…

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  9. Fat Man on Batman 27: Grant Morrison: Bat Christ

    In the Fat Cave this week, we make room for the Doom, as we continue our discussion with genius emeritus Grant Morrison, talking Doom Patrol, X-Men and his six year stint in Gotham and feelings on the Dark Knight as a religious symbol!

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  10. Fat Man on Batman 26: Grant Morrison: Bat Bard

    In the Fat Cave this week, a Bat-tacular guest so immense, even the Dark Knight himself would call him a legend!

    Grant Morrison - the genius author behind ARKHAM ASYLUM and THE INVISIBLES - makes the trip from Glasgow to Gotham for a wee bit o’ Bat worship and a journey into the mystical and magical land of Katmandu!

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