Episode 41 | StackOverflow

Joel and Jeff sit down with Robert Martin aka "Uncle Bob", and discuss software quality, the value of software engineering principles, and test-driven development.


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    Joel and Jeff sit down with Damien Katz to discuss non-conventional databases, non-conventional programming languages, and taking on non-conventional programming projects.


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  2. Phil Libin | Personal Outboard Memory

    Phil Libin was the CEO of CoreStreet when he appeared as the first guest on Interviews with Innovators. Now he’s back as CEO of EverNote, a company that aims to build the memex, or personal outboard memory, that Vannevar Bush famously imagined in his 1945 article "As We May Think."


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  3. Usman Haque | Pachube

    Pachube is an on-line database service provider that allows developers to connect sensor data to the Web and to build their own applications on it. Its creator, Usman Haque, discusses it, reviewing what Pachube is, how it can be used, and examples of its value as a way to manage data. He argues that services like Pachube can take advantage of open data to discover and share information.


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