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  1. RWD Podcast Episode #16: John Allsopp — Responsive Web Design

    John Allsopp talks about the web being more than just the device we’re accessing it upon. We aren’t building for a device or a browser, it’s not mobile or content first…. think user first.

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  2. RWD Podcast Episode #15 : Jeremy Keith — Responsive Web Design

    Jeremy Keith talks about writing, progressive enhancement and how we can take a new basic approach to build our sites.

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  3. The Web Ahead #78: Offline with John Allsopp

    App cache, web storage, Index db, and others are powerful new technologies that change the nature of the web. These technologies are mature and ready-to-use, but so far, we aren’t seeing them be used very much. Why? What is possible? What could change?

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  4. Jeremy Keith - Pencil vs Pixel

    “The key is sincerity.”

    In this interview, Jeremy Keith talks to us about his experience in public speaking, how he runs conferences, and much more. He gives us advice on how to stand out and how to create an influential voice. Jeremy Keith is a designer, developer, writer and speaker. He is co-founder of Clearleft, a design and development agency based out of Brighton, England. Jeremy is a web standards advocate and prominent figure in the web design community.

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  5. Chris Coyier Interview: WordPress, business, and the web

    Chris Coyier is not a stranger to most of us web workers. He’s a designer at CodePen, a writer at CSS-Tricks, and a podcaster at ShopTalk.

    He uses WordPress on all three of his primary projects. For years, Chris has been a consistent advocate for the platform. He develops his own websites with WordPress, but his day-to-day interactions are as a user.

    Chris brings a unique perspective, I believe. He did some client work early in his career, but he’s been more involved in SaaS projects and membership websites; his current membership websites are on WordPress (CSS-Tricks) and Ruby on Rails (CodePen).

    I asked Chris about his projects, his perspective on various aspects of WordPress, and the community around it. I enjoyed learning from him, and I hope you do too:

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  6. ShopTalk 123: Special Archive Episode from 2004

    This week, we take a listen to an episode of the Shoptalk show that was recorded WAAAYYYYY back in 2004, when – apparently – both Chris and Dave had midwestern accents and voices that cracked regularly! They speak to some up-and-comers in the web design community, and debate the hot question: CSS, or tables?

    Q & A

    5:26 Live Journal no longer requires an invite code: is there going to be a Shoptalk Community?

    7:07 How do I add text to my Zen Garden theme with CSS?

    12:06 I’d like to use CSS Zen Garden, but I’m Christian. What should I do?

    15:31 I’ve been using frames and tables for my layouts, but I’ve heard about divs and CSS. Should I take the time to learn this stuff?

    17:25 Is it possible to use CSS with IE 5 and 6?

    20:10 I heard the folks at Mozilla are about to release a new web browser. Will it handle CSS properties better than Internet Exploder?

    22:59 I have two frames in a frame set. How do I let my users toggle the left frame on and off by clicking a button on the right frame?

    26:27 Where can I find “Under Construction” GIFs for my new site? And how long do I have before GeoCities takes my page down?

    30:41 I’m working with an Ad Agency doing print work, but I’m interested in building websites. Is the future of websites bigger than print design?

    34:28 I’ve been hearing about liquid layouts to let websites adjust to different screen sizes, but since most screens are 1024px or 800px, are liquid layouts worth the extra work?

    38:23 What can I do to make my Myspace page look cooler?

    40:50 I’m building my first website, and I want to make a blog. Should I use WordPress or Grey Matter?

    43:15 How do I change the background image in my nav bar when the user hovers over it?

    46:46 Do you know of a good rollover plugin for Dreamweaver 6?

    48:47 Why should I start using CSS and Divs instead of table based layouts?

    52:38 I’ve been using Adobe Director, but my teachers at school keep telling me that Authorware is going to be the next big thing. Any tips?

    56:00 My uncle keeps having the weird dreams about the future where kids are taking pictures of their meals and sharing them on the internet. Is he crazy?

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  7. ShopTalk 122 with Katie Kovalcin

    This week we were joined by Katie Kovalcin. Katie is a designer at Happy Cog in Austin and teaches at Girl Develop It.

    We talked about (roughly in order):


    12:55 Protesters outside, and Google Cardboard

    Q & A:

    19:56 What is your feeling on website creators like Wix and Squarespace? Is this taking away from potential business for web designer/developers?

    27:32 Recently I was asked to create page design for a client. Just the visual design, no code. I thought this would be easy, but after spending an hour and a half creating a table in Illustrator, I’m yearning for some basic HTML & CSS. Are there any design tools you guys know of that take into account of things like “separation of style and content” or “modular components”?

    34:10 I’m a newb. I love designing using HTML and CSS, but my creativity is stunted because I can’t program. Which language should I learn first?

    38:43 Responsive web design has done a lot of great things for the web, but sometimes the sharing of a single codebase for all the different breakpoints makes things tricky. I’ll usually ask my designers to avoid situations that would require building a component in two different ways across screen sizes. The navigation in the header is usually one of the areas for this discussion (where a design basically requires toggling visibility between two different menu systems). Am I being too much of a stickler or should I stand my ground?

    47:03 For smaller websites I often find it difficult to collect quality content from the business that I am designing a website for. These website budgets are usually small therefore a content writer may not be practical. Can you explain your process on collecting data or steering customers in the right direction when it comes to providing quality content?

    52:35 I’ve got this really bad habit of nudging things in my design. Two pixels up, an em here, an em there. And then repeat into insanity. I’m always struggling to get that whitespace just right. How do you approach whitespace?

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  8. The Gently Mad #44: Brad Frost - Goodstuff FM

    Adam is joined this week by the amazingly prolific Brad Frost. Brad is probably best known as a front-end web designer and is also a talented speaker and writer.

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  9. ShopTalk 121: With Sam Kapila

    This week we were joined by Sam Kapila. Sam teaches at Texas State University, focusing mainly on Responsive Web Design and Typography.

    We talked about (roughly in order):

    Q & A:

    12:50 What did you guys study in college? Would you change your mind if you could go back? What kinds of studies do you recommend or do not recommend, and can you share any experiences?

    23:30 I’m not in a position at work where it’s practical/needed to get into Yeoman or Bower, even though I like to stay at the forefront of web trends. Am I becoming a dinosaur?

    32:20 I created a website with a small app for a client, and now they want the source code for the app so another developer can work on it. What should I do?

    36:05 I’m intrigued to use CSS Calc in my private projects (modern browsers) but am not sure about the performance. It’s not a big deal, but i’d love to know if it’s a good thing to use, or should avoid it?

    47:45 I really like the idea of embedding above-the-fold CSS in the head and including the rest at the bottom of the page. Do you see any drawbacks with this method?

    57:04 How can I finally get started with contributing to open source projects?

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  10. Responsive Design Podcast Episode 13: Mat Marquis & Responsive Images

    This week we’re super lucky to be joined by Mat Marquis, chair of the Responsive Images Community Group, staffer on A List Apart and much more. Mat has been pushing for a solution to responsive images for ever and finally we’re almost at the point at which we can say we have a solution .I asked the social world if anyone had any questions about responsive images for Mat and there was no shortage of responses. I’m not entirely sure all of them are actually serious, but they were asked so they’ll be asked

    Details Author: Justin Avery Published: 01 May 2014

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