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  1. Pete Seeger woke up America with songs across several cultures | Public Radio International

    The late Pete Seeger wrote his own songs about politics and culture, and also covered Cuban folk songs, African spirituals and traditional Irish tunes.

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  2. Donal Lunny and Paddy Glackin

    Donal Lunny and Paddy Glackin live from the Solidarity with Japan Session.

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  3. Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill

    Fiddler Martin Hayes and guitarist Dennis Cahill first met in a jazz-rock band, but since the 80s they’ve been in the vanguard of the Irish music scene. They bring their distinctive and personal take on Irish folk music to our studio for a live performance.

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  4. New Irish Music

    Irish composer David Flynn visits the WNYC studios for this edition of New Sounds. Flynn first learned guitar by way of heavy metal riffs and solos, then fell into the folk scene, and incorporates influences from almost all musical styles. But he wants his chamber pieces to sound Irish. We’ll hear some of these folk roots and how they sound in David’s compositions. Perhaps we’ll also hear a bit from the latest collaboration by Dennis Cahill and Martin Hayes, and more.

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  5. Willy Clancy Week: Monday

    The West Wind on Clare FM.

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  6. A New Protestant Beginning for the Irish Language in Belfast

    The Irish language used to be a symbol of Catholic nationalism. But it’s gradually becoming de-politicized, morphing into just another minority language in need of saving.

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  7. The Web Ahead #51: Rendering Engines, Vendor Prefixes & Chrome Blink

    Chrome recently announced they will replacing the webkit rendering engine with a new one, named Blink. What’s up with that? To find out, Chris Wilson and Paul Irish join Jen Simmons to explain rendering engines and vendor prefixes.

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  8. Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill: Tiny Desk Concert : NPR

    Put aside your notion of Irish music as a bunch of familiar jigs and reels, and just listen. Martin Hayes plays his fiddle with an exquisite touch and tone, as well as a magnificent sense of melody and rhythm that never ceases to astonish. Guitarist Dennis Cahill provides delicate support.

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  9. The Rocky Road to Dublin episode 85

    This is the 85th episode of The Rocky Road to Dublin, and I’ve decided to "wrap up" the programme in the next few weeks. This will be the last regular show, but tune in again on the next two Wednesdays for a review of some of my personal favourite tracks from this year’s shows!

    I managed to squeeze seven tracks in today for good measure:

    • "Playhouse Medley" - The Barra MacNeils - The Barra MacNeils
    • "The Boogie Reel/The Controversial Reel" - Makin’ the Rounds - Billy McComiskey
    • "Kielder Schottische" - True Stories - Martin Simpson
    • "The Cuckoo’s Nest" - The Star Spangled Molly - De Dannan
    • "Eclipse" - Take Me Back - April Verch
    • "The House at the Corner" - Gleann Nimhe-The Poison Glen - Altan
    • "Slides" - Out of the Wind into the Sun - The Bothy Band

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  10. The Web Ahead #21: Process & Tools with Paul Irish

    Front-end developer extraordinaire Paul Irish joins Jen Simmons to discuss work process, tools and best-practices.

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