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  1. My Own Private Rockaway - WNYC

     “It’s invigorating to be unhurried, unwatched on nature’s timetable,” explains Quito Ziegler, a 37-year-old Brooklynite who escapes to the city’s …


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  2. Tiny Furniture Boom due to Pre-K in NYC - Robin Shulman

    Business in the niche market of little kids’ school furniture is hot this summer. The orders from New York City are coming …


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  3. Why Joboken is Throwing Away All of its Studnet Laptops - Jill Barshay The Hechinger Report

    School officials at one Hoboken school thought it was a no-brainer to give every student a laptop. Now they’ve decided …



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  4. Would you go to prison for $1 million - Ilya Marritz

    Despite the $40 million settlement with the five men wrongfully convicted in the rape of a jogger in Central Park …


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  5. Policing the Police w/Rachel Dissell - The Takeaway

    As part of The Takeaway’s weeklong look into police departments, we head to Ohio for a look at Department of …


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  6. Why Inmates Can’t Afford to Make Calls in NJ - Sarah Gonzalez

    Jail inmates in New Jersey pay almost 8 times as much for phone calls home than those in New York. …


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  7. Poverty and Car Crashes - Kate Hinds

    In Newark, roughly 500 pedestrians are struck by cars each year. It’s one of just two dozen cities across the …


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  8. Police Infighting Costing NJ Taxpayers - Sally Herships

    Police officers across the state are suing fellow cops and departments over everything from sexual harassment to being sent home …


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  9. Newburgh Land Bank and Banks’ Billions - Ilya Marritz

    To places like Newburgh, NY. The town has become a laboratory for a block-by-block method of rehabbing abandoned homes. Now, …


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  10. Marvin Ramos, Teen Dad Interview - The Takeaway

    Marvin Ramos is a teenage dad from a family of teen fathers. He says that not having a father left …


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