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  1. Banks Try To Save Big With ‘ATMs Of The Future’ : All Tech Considered : NPR

    An ATM that lets you video chat with a teller hundreds of miles away? It’s part of an effort by the banking industry to cut costs: The more ATMs can do, the less banks have to spend on tellers and real estate. But in-person branches still remain the best way for banks to get new business.

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  2. ‘Smart Bomb’: Inside the Video Game Industry : NPR

    The video game industry is home to a cast of characters as quirky, rebellious and diverse as the world they create. In her new book, Smart Bomb, author Heather Chaplin provides a behind-the-scenes look at the world of game developers.

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  3. DocArchive: Guangzhou - China’s migrant metropolis

    China’s economy depends on a system regulating workers from around China and beyond. In Guangzhou, the migrant metropolis, Mukul Devichand hears stories of anger and reform.

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  4. John Thompson on the Merchants of Culture - RN Book Show - 3 February 2011

    VERY GOOD outline of publishing history and state of play today! - Since the invention of the printing press, the book publishing industry has more or less continued in the same vein for about 500 years. Yet Cambridge professor of sociology John B Thompson says we know very little about how the industry is organised today, and exactly how it is changing.

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  5. Rodney Brooks: Remaking Manufacturing With Robotics

    Heartland Robotics Chairman and CTO Rodney Brooks asks: What will it take for robots to be added to the toolchest of the makers of American manufacturing, so that they can increase productivity, provide better jobs for American workers, and compete even more strongly in our globalized world?

    Following on President Obama’s call to "begin again the work of remaking America," Maker Faire 2009 was organized around the theme of Re-Make America. Held in the San Francisco Bay Area, Maker Faire celebrates what President Obama called "the risk takers, the doers, and the makers of things."

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  6. Paul Cantrell on the Future of Art

    May 10 2006 - Software engineer and pianist Paul Cantrell gives an engaging talk on technology and the future of art.

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