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  1. Crowded Planet: A Conversation with Alan Weisman

    Over the course of the past one hundred years, we humans have grown in population at a rate rarely seen outside of a petri dish. Alan Weisman, author of the best-selling The World Without Us, spent two years traveling to twenty nations to investigate what this population explosion means for our species as well as those we share the planet with—and, most importantly, what we can do about it. His book Countdown: Our Last, Best Hope for a Future on Earth? will be released later this month. Orion managing editor Andrew D. Blechman met with Alan at his home in rural Massachusetts, amid birdsong and the patter of rainfall, to discuss some of the most serious issues ever to face the human species.

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  2. BBC Discovery: A Trip Around Mars with Kevin Fong - Part One

    The planet Mars boasts the most dramatic landscapes in our solar system. Kevin Fong embarks on a grand tour around the planet with scientists, artists and writers who know its special places intimately- through their probes, roving robots and imaginations. This first part of the journey includes Mars’ gargantuan volcanoes, an extreme version of Earth’s Grand Canyon and the cratered Southern Highlands where future explorers might find safety from the Red Planet’s deadly radiation environment.

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  3. Off earth mining and galactic gas stations - Future Tense - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Rick Tumlinson is a US businessman whose ambition is to mine asteroids and to then use the material he extracts to power spacecraft and satellites. He talks of developing galactic "€˜gas stations"€™.

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  4. Future Tense: What’s left to explore?

    In the age of Google Earth are there places in the world left to explore? That’s the question journalist Andrew Dodd set out to answer!

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  5. The Breathtaking Power And Beauty Of The Sun

    We know our sun is vast and blazing. But sometimes it’s blazing more aggressively than others. Positively storming. Last week, the largest solar storm in almost a decade boomed out with a wave of cosmic energy across the 93 million miles to Earth. And we got hit.

    Superheated gas hurling waves of particles off the sun. Slamming Earth’s magnetic field. Threatening power grids, orbiting satellites, GPS signals, airline flights, radio communications. And making some amazing Northern Lights.

    This hour, On Point: Heading into storm season on the sun.

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  6. Cambridge Nights: Juan Pérez Mercader on Life and Astrobiology

    Juan Pérez Mercader talks to us about the origins of life and astrobiology. Juan Pérez Mercader directs the Synthetic Life project at Harvard’s Origin of Life Inititative.

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  7. Mysteries Of The Sun

    Oh, yon flaming orb. Every day, Helios’s chariot carries you across the sky.

    Well, perhaps not: but the 27 million degree star that rules our every waking hour actually has a beating heart. Well, a pulse.

    Anyway, it also generates a kajillion fascinating facts — did you know you get more Vitamin D from ten minutes in the sun than 200 glasses of milk?

    We explore stories of the star, its eclipses, storms, shelf-life and why somewhere over the rainbow, it’s way up high.

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  8. A New Look at Population Bombs and Bulges

    "…a variety of experts discuss the path past 7 billion people. One voice is that of Mara Hvistendahl, the Asia correspondent for the journal’s news staff and author of “Unnatural Selection,” a potent and revealing book about selective abortion and related issues. In this case, she discusses her piece on the potential benefits and perils of “youth bulges” like those underlying the turmoil in many Arab countries this year.?

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  9. Ockham’s Razor - 17 April 2011 - The Titanic disaster and global warming

    Arthur Marcel lectures at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane and in today’s talk he compares the circumstances surrounding the sinking of the Titanic to issues surrounding global warming.

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  10. The Next Big Questions - Part One

    What are the biggest questions facing our world today? Listen in as some of the brightest minds and leading researchers from a variety of disciplines debate The Next Big Question, in a national series of public meetings sponsored by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research-CIFAR. IDEAS host Paul Kennedy moderates.

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