The Rocky Road to Dublin episode 85

This is the 85th episode of The Rocky Road to Dublin, and I’ve decided to "wrap up" the programme in the next few weeks. This will be the last regular show, but tune in again on the next two Wednesdays for a review of some of my personal favourite tracks from this year’s shows!

I managed to squeeze seven tracks in today for good measure:

  • "Playhouse Medley" - The Barra MacNeils - The Barra MacNeils
  • "The Boogie Reel/The Controversial Reel" - Makin’ the Rounds - Billy McComiskey
  • "Kielder Schottische" - True Stories - Martin Simpson
  • "The Cuckoo’s Nest" - The Star Spangled Molly - De Dannan
  • "Eclipse" - Take Me Back - April Verch
  • "The House at the Corner" - Gleann Nimhe-The Poison Glen - Altan
  • "Slides" - Out of the Wind into the Sun - The Bothy Band

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