The Resistance (Alberta Remix) clip

This is a clip from the first song off "With Broken Wrists: The Alberta Remix"…a remix of Aaron Niequist songs by Bobby Ray. Check out more at

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  1. You Are

    A worship song by Aaron Niequist from the 2008 recording "With Broken Fists".

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  2. Mars Hill - Worship: God Transforms (Functional Saviors)

    Everyone is a worshiper. We all have people or things that we love, sacrifice for, and are our number one affection. The main question each person should answer is this—Do you worship created things, or the Creator? God deserves to be worshiped. He created everyone and everything. Our place as the creation is to worship our Creator. Pastor Mark Driscoll investigates the many idols that we are completely oblivious too, and shows that every problem in life is, at its core, a worship problem.

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  3. Mars Hill - Ruth 1v1-18 – Are you stuck?

    As a community, we’re devoted to building an engaged, passionate, spiritually healthy community of people that makes up Mars Hill. We’re also devoted to engaging and impacting one another and others, believing that Jesus himself set an example of service and that we’ve been given the responsibility to follow it.

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