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How the Moon Works — Did you know that science still doesn’t know the exact origin of the moon? Do you know how the moon creates high and low tides? Do you know the difference between a waxing crescent and a waning gibbous? You will after listening to this riveting episode.


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    Scientists in the Dark Over Birth of the Moon — Two new studies present very different ideas about how the Moon was formed — a riddle that one scientist says may never be solved.

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  2. Moon Movie

    We talk with director Duncan Jones about his recent science fiction movie ‘Moon,’ telling the story of a solitary miner stationed on the lunar surface to monitor helium-3 extraction.

    From NPR’s Science Friday.

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  3. The Moon - In Our Time

    There are tides on the moon and a blue moon is a real occurrence. A petit peu of Chinese theology as an added bonus.

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