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American Icons: The Autobiography of Malcom X — When Malcolm X was assassinated at 39, his book nearly died with him. Today it stands as a milestone in America’s struggle with race.

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  1. Stuff You Missed in History Class

    Marian Anderson — The Lady from Philadelphia — An acclaimed African-American contralto, Marian Anderson was barred from singing in Constitution Hall in 1939. She sang at the Lincoln Memorial instead. The concert was broadcast around the country — and also heard by a young Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  2. A Journey From Black to White

    The narrative of African Americans “passing” into white culture has long persisted. These stories are often tragic and filled with shame, secrecy, and the abandonment of home and family. In his new book, “The Invisible Line,” Daniel Sharfstein looks at three families that were once identified as black and are now viewed as white. These stories are ones of pride as white families reconnect with their African-American roots.

    Among them is the story of Isabelle Whittemore. She is the great granddaughter of a legendary African American military figure and abolitionist named O.S.B. Wall. She had no idea until recently that she was part African American. Daniel joins us from Tennessee and Isabelle joins us from Mississippi.

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  3. Where Are The Heroes To Save Pittsburgh’s African-American Center? : NPR

    The August Wilson Center opened in 2009 as a hub for African-American culture. Now it’s up for sale, unable to pay its bills, and some wonder why the Center has been allowed to fail.

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