TelescopeMan interviews JOhn Davis about astro-photography

TelescopeMan podcast interview with JOhn Davis an accomplished astro-photographer. JOhn explains how beginners should start taking photos.

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  1. 3rd International Skype Call- Astrophotography

    TelescopeMan rounds up an international assortment of amateur astronomers to discuss astrophotography for beginners.

    Another interesting discussion on this challenging segment of the Astronomy hobby- taking photos of the night sky. Many tips discussed that can help someone new to the hobby who wants to start taking astro-photos. This is the 3rd in a series of international Skype calls between amateur astronomers. the blog web site where TelescopeMan stores his audio-video files www, Huffduffer audio podcast site

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  2. TelescopeMan records (MP3) JOhn Davis astrophotography presentation May 2011

    TelescopeMan records the presentation given by JOhn Davis at the May 2011 Beginner Astronomy Class. John discusses astrophotography for beginning amateur astronomers.

    Clear Skies! TelescopeMan

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  3. International Conference #4

    TelescopeMan interviews three of the moderators and the owner of the Astronomy based web site:

    The world’s largest international Astronomy forum with over 55,000 members worldwide. The moderators discuss the web site operation, and moderation.

    Recorded using Skype in January 2012.

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