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  1. Flaming Sword of Justice - The Minutemen Murders

    What happened to the Minutemen?

    A refresher: the Minutemen were the group that whipped up American conservatives into hysterics around the supposed issue of "border security" a few years back. They called themselves "a citizens’ Neighborhood Watch on our border," and organized press stunts in which armed white people would tromp around the border with Mexico and argue that they weren’t racist.

    You don’t hear from them so much anymore. Partly, that’s because their positions—and many of their former members—moved on to the Tea Party. But partly that’s because of the story you’ll hear in this episode. A story of cold-blooded murder.

    The journalist David Neiwert researched the tale for his new book, And Hell Followed With Her. And he joined us at the Netroots Nation conference in San Jose to tell the story on-air.

    If you want to understand the politics and the personalities of the hardcore right-wing end of the U.S. immigration debate—or if you just like a rivetingly blood-soaked story of zealotry, xenophobia, and bad ideas gone even worse, don’t miss this episode of The Flaming Sword of Justice.

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  2. EP100: Nightfall - Escape Pod : Escape Pod

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  3. Flaming Sword of Justice #56 - Turkey

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  4. December 2012 Project of the Month: JStock | SourceForge Community Blog

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  5. Award Winning Business Plan was a Complete Failure – How Dustin Wells Pivoted to Create a Million Dollar Business | How to Become A Millionaire: Eventual Millionaire - How to Become A Millionaire: Eventual Millionaire

    Dustin is the CEO of HeadSpring a custom software development and consulting firm. But that wasn’t his first business. In fact the first two business ideas he had completely failed, even though it had an award winning business plan.

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  6. Exclusive ticketing and PSL Speedcast at COTA | Speed City Podcast

    Circuit of the Americas, Formula 1, MotoGP, SuperV8, Indy Car, NASCAR, drag racing, auto racing, car shows, Podcast, Austin Texas,

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  7. WP Engine: How A Startup Reached $1M In Sales In Less Than A Year – with Jason Cohen | Business Tips

    How does a startup reach a million dollars in sales within a year? Jason Cohen is the co-founder of WP Engine, a web hosting company that focuses only on WordPress hosting. In this interview, you’ll hear how Jason dealt with cancellations. If you’re charging customers on a recurring-basis, this part of the interview alone will be worth thousands of dollars to you. You’ll also hear about…

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  8. Coverage of SXSW Interactive 2012 | Lanyrd

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  9. SXSW 2012: The Ultimate Bruce Sterling Talk

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  10. Josh Clark – Buttons Are a Hack A Virtual Seminar Follow-up » UIE Brain Sparks

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