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  1. Josh Klein - Hacking Work - Smart People Podcast

    Joshua Klein talks about his book "Hacking Work: Breaking Stupid Rules for Smart Results". Klein is known for his crow vending machine idea, which some believe does not actually work.


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  2. Episode 5: Matt Gemmell on Writing and Developing


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  3. Design for how the world should work

    As the Internet is increasingly embedded into our physical world, it’s important to start designing for physical and intentional interactions with interfaces to supplement the passive, data-gathering interactions — designing smart devices that service us in the background, but upon which we also can exert our will.

    In this episode, Josh Clark (in an interview) and Tim O’Reilly (in a keynote) both address the importance of designing for contextual awareness and physical interaction. Clark stresses that we’re not facing a challenge of technology, but a challenge of imagination. O’Reilly argues that we’re not paying enough attention to the aspects of people and time in designing the Internet of Things, and that the entire system in which we operate is the user interface — as we design this new world, we must think about user needs first.

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  4. The Leonard Lopate Show: Tom Rachman’s New Novel, The Rise and Fall of Great Powers - WNYC

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  5. Bringing Wes Home « HowSound

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  6. Stephen Anderson – Deciphering Data through Design

    Understanding problems are common when trying to visualize data. Designing a layout to effectively communicate complex or even simple data can be a challenge. If the visualization isn’t immediately apparent to a user, it requires a level of understanding to get the most out of their experience.

    Stephen Anderson has been working to unlock these understanding problems. He says that oftentimes really simple changes can have dramatic effects on a user’s ability to interpret data. He cites the many examples of designers taking stabs at airline boarding pass redesigns and the evolution Target’s Pharmacy prescription bottle went through. Presenting the information in a much clearer way reduces the cognitive barrier.

    In this podcast with Jared Spool, Stephen outlines what he calls the 7 Problems of Understanding. These range from problems of comprehension to problems of discovery and more. Each of these problems is usually brought about by a design or display decision. Looking further at these issues, simple changes can greatly increase the experience for users.

    Stephen will be presenting one of 8 daylong workshop choices at the User Interface 19 Conference, October 27-29 in Boston. For more information on the workshops and the conference, visit uiconf.com.

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  8. 5by5 | The Prompt #57: World’s Greatest Finale

    The young men (and Stephen) of The Prompt gather one last time and discuss Overcast and IBM.


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  9. ‘Next Life Might Be Kinder’: A Tale Of Love, Grief And Denial | Vermont Public Radio

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  10. Bonus Track | Podcast Retro Hugos (Episode 202b)

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