Nature Podcast Extra - William James

This week marks the 100th anniversary of the death of William James, the pioneering American philosopher and founding father of psychology. Join Kerri Smith as she talks to his biographer Linda Simon about James’ life and work.


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  3. Show #268 Psychotactics of Online Marketing

    Today we talk about the psychology behind online marketing

    * What is meant by psychotactics?
    * Is marketing really psychology in disguise?
    * Is it a case of expressing your psychology or connecting with customers psychology?
    * What is the psychology behind successful websites?
    * How to use a filtering style of questioning to understand your business.
    * How to create engaging articles for customers?
    * How to find inspiration for writing articles?
    * When you write for brand engagement - are you writing for yourself or others?
    * Why strategy is not critical to success!


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