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  1. Jon Rose: the Thomas Edison of the vibrating string. - Late Night Live - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Thursday 14 August 2014 10:20PM

    Composer, violinist, raconteur and history buff Jon Rose has just presented Ghan Tracks in Sydney. This project came out of his Great Fences of Australia work which involved his playing fences in Israel, the USA, Finland and of course the many and varied "vermin" fences in the Great South Land. He’s in to tell us how much of his work serves as a metaphor for colonial settlement.

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  2. Modcast | # 187: Lykke Li | Modular People

    Playlist by Lykke Li, see

    Graham Nash - Simple Man Harry Wilson - Save The Last Dance For Me (alternative version) Neil Young - Such A Woman Nina Simone - Who Knows where the time goes Bob Marley - Selassie Is The Chapel Fleetwood Mac - Storms Sinead O’Connor - Nothing Compares To You Kathy McLord - I’ll Never Be Alone Again Foreigner - I Want To Know What Loves Is Rolling Stones - Heaven Swans - No Cure for the Lonely Bryan Ferry - Make You Feel My Love Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou - Homesickness Alessi Brothers - Seabird Amason - Alen Tussilago - Lovesong #1 Karen Dalton - Reason To Believe Donnie & Joe Emerson - Love is Robert Wyatt - At Last I’m Free Bruce Springsteen - I’m On Fire Elvis Presley - Blue Moon Grateful Dead - Dark Star Harry Nilsson - Don’t Forget Me Big Star - Dream Lover Judy Henske - Buckeye Jim Emmylou Harris - Wrecking Ball

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  3. Human Traffic

    Denise and George want to talk to you about a few community-based projects they’ve worked on. They’ll delve into strategies and ideas around building a sense of place, and discuss the dynamics they have observed by watching people get comfortable… so comfortable there’s a sense of ownership and possession.

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  4. Web Friends #13: The Magnificent Brad Frost - Goodstuff FM

    Brad Frost is a web designer, speaker, consultant, musician, and artist in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. He likes making things and sharing.

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  5. How to make audio formats more socially shareable | Podcasts

    Case studies and tips in producing audio content to generate shares and discussion on social networks, from three people currently experimenting in this field

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  6. Go Back to the NeXT Days with Alex Duner

    A conversation with Alex Duner, who is studying journalism and computer science at Northwestern University. Alex is a student fellow at the Knight Lab and blogs at We discuss Doug Engelbart, technology and journalism, computer chess and exploring source code for stories.


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  7. 0 Episode 0.2.6 - Douglas Crockford on JSON and JavaScript from TXJS

    "While at TXJS, Adam and Wynn caught up with Douglas Crockford, author of both JavaScript: The Good Parts and the JSON spec, and a global namespace unto himself. " -

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  8. CDNify | An Interview with CSS Expert Chris Coyier on Front-End Dev, UX, and Accessibility

    Styling plays a big part in making the web look super cool and approachable, so it’s important that developers know the fundamentals of CSS, and this is where Chris comes in.

    A little background about Chris: He works as a web designer over at CodePen, crafting designs with front-end languages like CSS and JavaScript. He’s also a writer at CSS-Tricks, discussing the latest practices, tools, and ways to improve performance. Chris is also a podcaster on the ShopTalk Show which discuss front-end web design, development, and UX.

    Today we’re going to be chatting about modern front end development practices, user experience, and accessibility.

    Enjoyed this podcast? We have a bunch more just like it which we discuss web performance, SEO, and a load more. Check it out over on the CDNify Blog.

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  9. In Beta 90: We Want Our 2003 Back - In Beta (podcast)

    Christie and Kevin talk to Amber Case about creating and evangelizing the Indie Web: your own site, talking to other sites, outside of silos. Like old, good times.

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  10. Aaron Swartz: The Internet’s Own Boy - Truthdig

    This week on Truthdig Radio in association with KPFK: A new documentary shows the genius and tragedy of Aaron Swartz, Hobby Lobby v. Women, the race to replace Rep. Henry Waxman is on, and we look at the surprising locale of the most segregated schools in America.

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