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  1. Go Back to the NeXT Days with Alex Duner

    A conversation with Alex Duner, who is studying journalism and computer science at Northwestern University. Alex is a student fellow at the Knight Lab and blogs at We discuss Doug Engelbart, technology and journalism, computer chess and exploring source code for stories.


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  2. 0 Episode 0.2.6 - Douglas Crockford on JSON and JavaScript from TXJS

    "While at TXJS, Adam and Wynn caught up with Douglas Crockford, author of both JavaScript: The Good Parts and the JSON spec, and a global namespace unto himself. " -

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  3. CDNify | An Interview with CSS Expert Chris Coyier on Front-End Dev, UX, and Accessibility

    Styling plays a big part in making the web look super cool and approachable, so it’s important that developers know the fundamentals of CSS, and this is where Chris comes in.

    A little background about Chris: He works as a web designer over at CodePen, crafting designs with front-end languages like CSS and JavaScript. He’s also a writer at CSS-Tricks, discussing the latest practices, tools, and ways to improve performance. Chris is also a podcaster on the ShopTalk Show which discuss front-end web design, development, and UX.

    Today we’re going to be chatting about modern front end development practices, user experience, and accessibility.

    Enjoyed this podcast? We have a bunch more just like it which we discuss web performance, SEO, and a load more. Check it out over on the CDNify Blog.

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  4. In Beta 90: We Want Our 2003 Back - In Beta (podcast)

    Christie and Kevin talk to Amber Case about creating and evangelizing the Indie Web: your own site, talking to other sites, outside of silos. Like old, good times.

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  5. Aaron Swartz: The Internet’s Own Boy - Truthdig

    This week on Truthdig Radio in association with KPFK: A new documentary shows the genius and tragedy of Aaron Swartz, Hobby Lobby v. Women, the race to replace Rep. Henry Waxman is on, and we look at the surprising locale of the most segregated schools in America.

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  6. Victoria Street Squats Interview with Ian Milliss

    Iain McIntyre talks with Ian Milliss about his involvement with Sydney’s Victoria St squats. During the early 1970s this street in Kings Cross became the focus of a long running anti-development struggle that brought together long term residents, unionists and squatters in a campaign which reignited squatting across the city. The interview, originally broadcast on Community Radio 3CR, discusses the highs and lows of defying thugs, gangsters and the police in defence of a unique community. For more on Victoria St and the history of squatting in general visit

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  7. Episode 038: Teach The Brain, Not The Heart — The Menu Bar

    We are joined by Bradley Chambers to discuss keeping your resume updated, diversifying your income, being ready for change, networking with others and becoming a part of the conversation.

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    Zac drank Coke

    Andrew drank Pangalactic Gargle Blaster

    Bradley drank Hawaiian Coffee

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  8. Deron Burba Chief Information Officer of the Smithsonian Institution on Ferderal News Radio

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  9. 54: goto fail;

    Wolfram Language.

    The "goto fail" SSL bug and the chances that it was nefariously introduced by an NSA effort, possibly as part of their $250 million annual budget for such operations.

    Apple’s warrant canary.

    Casey’s and Marco’s hard-to-find bugs and language misfeatures. (Perl protects John from writing bugs.)

    Whether language-interpreter warnings should be treated as errors in production.

    The Scriptnotes episode with the Final Draft CEO, the follow-up in the next episode, and Kent Tessman’s response.

    After-show: Google lobbying against Glass bans while driving, and Objective-C exception conventions.

    Next week will be the Software Methodologies show. For real this time!

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  10. Adactio: Articles—The Power Of Simplicity

    The closing keynote from the border:none event held in Nuremberg in October 2013.

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