Tom Waits: The Fresh Air Interview

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  1. Tom Waits: The Fresh Air Interview : NPR

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  1. Tom Waits - Heigh Ho (from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs)

    "Mining is one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet. People don’t work as miners by choice. They do it because they have to, because they don’t have other options.

    So even as a child I thought the dwarves seemed weirdly chipper about going to work in the mine. Especially when they had a hot chick with a dwarf fetish living with them. Tom Waits gets this. His song makes those little guys sound like they hate the mine and would rather be anywhere else. It’s one of the most harrowing Disney covers you’ll ever hear."


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  2. New Music From Tom Waits & Keith Richards, Ra Ra Riot, Villagers, More : All Songs Considered : NPR

    Veteran musicians Tom Waits and Keith Richards recorded a new song for a compilation called Son Of Rogue’s Gallery, and we guarantee it’s not at all what you’d expect. Think "sea chantey" and "pirate ballads." Hear that and more special premieres for the new year on this week’s show.

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  3. Humans Down In The Hole

    Tom Waits vs. Björk.

    As suggested by Matt Jones on Twitter:

    And implemented by Joshua Ellis:

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